Monday, March 2, 2015


This is the prayer of all but one of the republican presidential hopefuls.  Only Rand Paul standing lone is not for putting American boots on the ground.  The other have a very long list of people and places they want to blow off the map..Starting with ISIS, they quickly move on to Iran, Syria, South Africa and of course the big war of all Russia.

The beat of the war drums is so loud in the republican camp it is drowning out any voices of reason in the political arena.  Looking at their war of first choice ISIS mounting a war against them is playing right into their game plan.  They want an end of the world to play out in Syria , us against them.

We are told there are only 20000 or so of these ISIS folks but a look at the territory they control would indicate a much bigger force.  Exactly where one would mount an attack against them is left unclear.  Just who in the hell we could even trust in the middle east is a big question mark.  We left so many bodies and ruins in Iraq and Afghanistan and you can probably throw in Pakistan that  we could end up fighting all hands.

I will add at this point the leading democratic candidate Hillary Clinton talks the same talk as the republicans.  One can only hope that some level headed folks will step forth to give us a sane choice for a president.  But politically that's only a small part of the battle.  A war mongering congress hell bent to sacrifice more American youth to the horrors of war only a complete flushing of the old guard would prevent another loss of American lives, along with several millions others.

I leave you today with just one thought.  Keep your eyes and wallets open for a real anti-war candidate to pop up and if one does do all you can to further our cause.  Any candidate that shows a pro war flag, dump them immediately and continue your search.  If you don't find one , your on your own.  For the first time in  my life I will consider leaving the presidential spot blank.  I will not vote for a pro war candidate , period.  I hope not to be fooled again by another candidate who says one thing and then does the opposite.  

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