Saturday, March 28, 2015


The house of representatives passed supported by republicans and democrats alike could be the beginning of the end to Medicare. Boehner and Pelosi both sing the praises of this bill as the future for things to come..  The future what could that be ,Oh of course the privatization of Medicare .  A goal that has been a gleam in Republican eyes for decades.

Many seniors have experience the same problems I have had finding a doctor you have confidence in.  It's damn hard and when you do find one he quickly has such a large practice that you end up seeing a PA.  Some doctors today already will not take Medicare patients one can only guess the effect of this change will bring about.

This change supposedly cost 22 billion a year ironically the amount of money that could be save by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices as the VA does.

Determining payment on some wild eyed quality of care formula not determined yet cannot  be a good thing for us seniors.

Keep your eyes on this one if it gets by the Senate the president says he will sign it.  Just another plan to abandon our seniors.

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