Thursday, March 19, 2015


The right wing with help from others placed sanctions on Venezuela (even  though they know they don't work.  They did not understand Latin America has changed and still have memories of what we did to the region in the 80's.  Coup after coup ceded control of their resources to large corporations who of course took all the profits out of the country.

Most of Latin America voiced their displeasure that sanctions were once again being placed on one of theirs.  The republicans have been on a long sited campaign to overthrow socialist governments that a lot of them now have.    The republicans not only don't understand what these socialist governments have done for the people.  Many have been brought out of poverty, and now have schools and medical centers in their neighborhoods where they had not even water and power before.

It should be no surprise to any American that republicans are driving this plan, after all they are trying to do the same thing right here in the USA.  All the jackals are now aiming to cut Social Security ,Medicare, Medical , workers comp, and food stamps.  While of course raising defense spending beyond the 50+ percentage of the annual budget is now.

One thing to keep in your mind, we could not complete wars in Iraq of Afghanistan how in the hell are we going to fight wars in Europe and Latin America at the same time.  Our troops are spread thin across the the globe now how can we be thinking of starting conflict all over the globe.  Our
politicians need to be reined in now..

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  1. It is more sinister than the Republican/Democratic leaders not understanding
    what these socialist governments have done for their people.

    Both party leaders not only know and don't care, it looks like they are ready to do the same thing as their predecessors. Why else put sanctions on Venezuela?! (with the exception of Elizabeth Warren and a few others).

    You alluded to the reason in your article. These party 'leaders' are clones of the 'leaders' who opened the doors for multinational corporations to steal other countries natural resources in the first place.

    They do need to be reined in.

    You are not spiting in the wind. Your brave voice along with others exposing and questioning these issues will continue to change people's minds until we reach a critical mass and things change.

    Keep up the good work.