Saturday, March 7, 2015


The heading was lifted from this post on 4th Media.  It struck a resonance in my tiny little brain which of late has been worrying on how this countries leadership , civilian and military seem to not be able to get much right.

The US in hits drive to be the only dog on the block has screwed up every war they have cooked up.  From Viet Nam to Iraq to Afghanistan , Liba, Syria.  Those they have destroyed by wars are added to others where we have been involved  in the overthrow of governments that don't knuckle under to Uncle Sam's wishes.  Most recent of which was another intended coup in Venezuela (I've lost count what number this is), but all have not succeeded. The goal is to open up Latin America to our giant corporations who then are allowed to rape and pillage the country.  When a strong leader takes the reins and Nationalizes the industries using the profits to improve the living standards of the masses , we then start the campaigns to overthrow them.  Venezuela is a prime and most recent example in Latin America.  Chavez was elected by the people and began a campaign of nationalizing industries , particularly big oil.  The proceeds went to the poor and a middle class started to be built.  Deals with Cuba incensed America, but all it could do was rant and rave and try to throw the rascals out.  Cuba in exchange for oil sent doctors, and other professionals to help in Venezuela.  

It is ironic that in about the same day Obama stated he was lifting the embargoes on Cuba , because they didn't work.  Turned right around an put embargoes on Russia for their supposed interference in Ukraine.  Makes sense to me no they don't but yes they do.  Kinda like a new slogan for America.  

On to our latest false flag operation, Ukraine.  We engineered the overthrow of the government of Ukraine and installed our new Nazi friends to rape and pillage and already poor and troubled country.  The idea to paint Russia as the bad guys to  remove them as an obstacle to our Tip To Asia.  But as has become a sure thing our attempts of surrounding Russia with missiles and take away their only war water port in Crimea   has failed.

Not only has the false flag operation failed , our implanted regime has had their collected asses kicked.  Russia understanding what we were trying to do set out on it's own to craft deals with Brazil , India  , China.  Deals which look to stabilize that side of the world against American hegemony.  At the same time set up a new economic system to thwart the IMF and World Bank from raping third world countries. Now instead of the IMF loading up third world countries with debt and forcing them to privatize their enterprises they now can borrow to improve their countries.

Keeping in mind the failed wars mentioned above we now appear to be looking for a new much bigger war to loose and perhaps loose the world in the process. The drums of war are pounding once again with our glorious leaders actually believing they can pull off a first strike nuclear war.  You do understand dear readers that , that idea is total bullshit. Even if Russia was surrounded by antimissile systems they won't take care of Russian missile boats sitting right off our coasts to even the score and destroying the world to boot.        

I worry that the American people won't see thru the propaganda and allow us to enter another winnable war.  Trust we there will be no winners in a nuclear war.  So please wake up folks and see thru the propaganda program to make Russia the bad guys for us to fight.  It's time to pull in our horns and work to make the planet a better place.

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