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It did't work for Custer's troops and it doesn't look like it's going to work for us.  Our beloved government is hell bent to start a shooting war with anybody they can rile up.  For years Iran has been in our gun sights egged on by Israel and goaded by BIBI in his address (uninvited by Obama) to congress railing once again that Iran needs to be bombed.

Never mind we are in current negotiations with Iran to limit their nuclear program to just peaceful uses.  Supposedly progress is being made finally to have an agreement both sides can live with.  But of course some don't want to negotiate at all , they want to do is bomb them  and start another war.  The  47 Republican senators in another show of their divine stupidity   sent  a letter to the leaders of Iran saying now agreement would last as soon as they can kill it they will.

So put Iran in the possible war column.  Let's see what else we can stir up.  Oh sure there is always Venezuela  to poke.  The president this past week declared Venezuela a threat.  Really , just because the latest coup failed yet again.  You would think sooner or later our country would get the idea that the people of Venezuela are content with their leader and their form of government.  Ever since Chavez was elected we have been trying to get rid of the leaders simply because they wouldn't dance to our drum beat.  The nationalizing of industry just made our blood boil, how dare they take a cash cow away from our corporations.  Rape of a country is no more appealing than rape of a person.

Ok, so now we have two potential wars, Iran, and Venezuela .  Whose next in our bombsites.  Well hell lets overthrow the elected government of the Ukraine.  Our fingers are all over the appointment of a neo Nazi   as president of the Ukraine.  The newbies immediately started a pogrom  on all those they didn't like going door to door killing those on the list.  Visions of WW2 come to mind as the killings escalated.  The residents of the Crimea got nervous as they knew they were on the hit list and backed by Russia held a vote to return to affiliation Russia.  The intent to take away Russia's only warm water port had to be taken seriously and couldn't be allowed to happen.

Evidence abounds that the US paid for and trained the thugs that did the shooting of demonstrators in the square.  The civil war was on parts of the Ukraine who wanted not part of the new government and decided to fight.  Of course we blamed all this on Russia and accused them of sending troops and armament into the Ukraine.  Pictures presented by us and others of these movements proved to be from a totally different place and time.

Still not enough outcry about Russian invasion of the Ukraine something had to be done.  So hell let's have the rebels shoot down an airliner.  Poor ole MH17 got the call and a Ukraine fighter shot her out of the air killing all.  The rebels were blamed and once again shortly there after evidence was presented that showed the plane had be downed by a Ukraine fighter jet.

All this in an attempt to get Putin to attack the Ukraine and start WW3.  It didn't work.  So we put sanctions on Russia and here the union started to fall apart..The members of the EU were reluctant to go along with the sanctions and soon those that did go along started to bail when they figured they were being hurt and they could ill afford the economic hit since they had been IMF's into a terrible round of austerity cuts.

Now some of the EU is talking about lifting the sanctions on Iran.  So it seems like our well laid plans to start WW3 are failing as well they should.  The scary part of this is that in serious financial times war has always been the way out.  This time the toll is much higher, there are those in the US are talking about winning a first strike nuclear attack.  TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!.  All this to allow our TIP TO ASIA  to be a success.   Our dream of World Hegemony is fading fast, as it should.

The TIP TO ASIA is designed to cut off the shipping lanes to China anticipating a future war with China, I would like to mention here that cutting off supply lines during WW2 brought Japan into the conflict starting a two front war.

To sum all this up .  We are stirring the pot in all corners of the globe in order to maintain our wet dream of world domination. A simple look around the globe will show you the exact opposite is happening.  Russia and China recognizing what the US goals are for world domination joined in agreements for trade and financial stabilization outside of world bank and IMF systems.  Brazil, India ,Russia and China formed a trading group, set up a new banking system, set up funds to be lent to participants at better terms than IMF and world bank loans , allowing real growth of home owned industries. The joining together of countries in that part of the world spell doom to our TIP TO ASIA ain't that a shame.

What started as an attempt to draw Russia into WW3 has ended up making Putin and Russia stronger and now they have a new list of friends..WELL DONE AMERICA !

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  1. Venezuela really is the final straw: we've gone stark raving mad.