Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You will hear everything but the list below.. None of what you hear will fix the budget problem..Almost a sure thing by now that we will go to sequestration and the blood will spill on the groung, our blood....They will try and make it much harder for the less well to do while they go play in places like Davos..

The parallels between today and the great depression are many and the same people are behind it once again..We tamed them once 80 years ago and we will do it again, but probably till a lot more pain is caused

They could avoid it all by doing this list:

The List
1. Raise the ceiling on SS taxes to 250K
2. Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices
3. Get rid of civilian contractors doing jobs previously held by military personnel.
4. Close all foreign bases found not necessary for national defense..
5. Scrap all military weapons programs for ships, plane and super munitions we don't need or would never use.
6. Stop all subsidies to corporations that are deemed not required for their survival and only then if they are actually job creators..(alternate energy as example)
7. Medicare for all
8. Place a small transaction tax on all financial transactions done by corporations.
9. Negate all derivative contacts and forbid future use
10. Separate banks to their old formats
11. Limit number of option contracts to prohibit hedge fund operations that can control the cost of commodity goods.
12. Stop Fed from putting 90 billion a month into the banking system buying up junk mortgages. Requiring instead putting the 90 billion into infrastructure construction.
13. Place import tariffs on all manufacturing products that could be built in this country.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The republican party is having a big meeting to try and decide where they went wrong is 2012..If they have to have a meeting to discuss their failure tells me they don't have a clue..

Then their front runners for 2016 (don't shudder) it has already started on both sides..

Hillary and Biden of the left, Jindal, Rubio, Ryan on the right leading the pack..

Meantime, back in the real world odds are we will go into sequester and the shit will hit the fan... might be the only way to cut the defense budget but the pain to the social programs will be worse.. Almost a  sure thing Medicare and Medicaid will get whacked hard.. and SS too but that most likely will be a death of a thousand cuts..

If we are forced into sequester the republicans will bear the blame and there goes any chance of them resurrecting themselves at least in 2014.

Their old stand by of God, Abortion, Gays and Guns will be the battle flag as always.  They will not learn how to talk to women or Latinos  or gays either as they will only hear BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. and believe nothing they gen up..

We are in for a difficult time I am afraid and there is nothing we can do about it.. so hang on..

Thursday, January 24, 2013


A new word?  A friend thought I had invented this word.  Sorry to say I didn't  but it does fit exactly my mood for the past several months...Exhaustipated means : TO TIRED TO GIVE A SHIT.

Exactly my mood since it dawned on me that my digging into economic theory the past 40 years has been a big waste of time.. The many schools of economic thought are championed by different groups who use the points they like to swamp our airways with loads of bullshit while waging huge fights to attract different groups of voters with their Hot Button issues.  Remember my  "GOD, ABORTION , GAYS , AND GUNS theory as the hot button issue for the conservatives.. and the social programs the hot button issues for the left.. 

While in the center ring where the real economics is practiced it's name is left unmentioned... It was used during the early phases of economic thinking and the study was called "POLITICAL ECONOMICS"  Those that practiced the art changed it to a science and dropped the Political label.   But that leaves us today with an old saying,, If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck , and quacks like a duct.. Then it's a duck.

So even though we call economics by many names , it is definitely not a science.  It's bribery plain and simple .. That's why to anybody with a brain sees the tripe they put out as economic programs never work.  Lately they didn't work , big time.   

The hot shot economists didn't see the housing bubble, they didn't see the dotcom bubble, and aren't seeing the bond bubble.. and worst of all they aren't seeing the derivative bubble which will make all other bubbles look tiny in comparison... at a 1000 trillion dollars when it bursts they will act surprised..  While us folks in the gutters know damn well that food, and fuel prices should not be going through the roof, No Demand should mean lower prices but that ain't so folks..

Now we are looking down the barrel of the debt ceiling crisis, and the budget cuts that they are going to make if they can.. Faced with a majority republican house that is on record saying that none of the President's proposals will make it through the house , in any form.. While in the Senate the tripe they railroad through the house will face a few non compliant senators who will block all that garbage however they can..

So here I sit, TOO TIRED TO  GIVE A SHIT, with no known remedy is sight.. Cheerful isn't it.. but we are helpless to fix any of it.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Just finished Joe Stiglitz's "The Price of Inequality" , and it may be my last economic read after having read 100's of them over the years.. While Joe's book speaks the truth the following dawned on me..

All the theories, all the graphs, all the learned men who talk truth to the subject miss the one big glaring truth "NOTHING WILL BE DONE IF IT REQUIRES A POLITICAL MOVE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM"

As long as corporations control the purse strings and politicians depend on their money to win re-election nothing will change , nothing.. Too think a politician will vote against  his wallet is wrong thinking.. They won't.

The Tea Party showed what big money can do with a really shitty idea.. and have grid locked congress with their nonsense.. and they dare not stray from the Tea Bag trail or they will get beat in their next primary.. by the big money of course..

Even with democrats in control they feel they have to cave into the nut jobs on every issue.. The big test is coming up.. The debt limit and the sequester of funds , the right is threatening a shut down, the left is saying go ahead, will they flinch, the bet is they will.   I believe they will put SS and Medicare/Medicaid on the table and we will loose again..

Watch the negotiations that are about to take place , see if you see any of the solutions I have laid out on this blog many times in the past.. Just one simple adjustment to allow Medicare D to negotiate for drug prices will cut more budget than any plan presently laid out by either side.. Politically impossible as Medicare for all is.  And anybody who thinks you can cut a 100 billion or two from the military budget , hasn't looked at their spending in the last 30 years..

So you now see the cause of my depression.  Shit won't happen because politicians are constipated by their steady diet of big money.. I wish I could  come up with a new EXlax that would solve the problem.. I have one but nobody like it.. just look at past blogs to see it..

So cheer me up if you can,, I am desperate to renew my faith in the American people, people who now seem incapable of action.. of any kind..

Monday, January 14, 2013


Unfortunately a lot of the nutcases in this country own guns and at their first annoyance they threaten to start spilling blood.. This latest nut job surfaced the other day when he for the first time heard his kindergärtner siting the pledge of allegiance followed by a school pledge that encourages excellence.

He thought he heard them drop the word liberty from the pledge and he also objected to them staying facing the flag while saying the school pledge..

And over these injustices (supposed) he threatens to spill blood.  Now if you really want to stop the bloodshed this jive ass acting out his threat throw him into psychiatric evaluation for 90 days.  No it's not a violation of his freedom so speech it is simply a check on his sanity to say stupid things in public.. It would serve as a real check on nutcases and provided a cooling off period to instill a little common sense to these gun happy shits.  

Then bat crap crazies like Alex Jones threaten another revolution if any new gun regulations are passed, spittle flying, screaming threats, looks institution worthy to me.  

It would seem like common sense to at least sit down and talk about measures we might take to stop these horrible mass killings.. Ask a teacher if they think teachers should be armed, they will uniformly say no.  Would cops in every school stop, doesn't seem so there have been cops at at schools where mass shooting have occurred .  Some moan what if every person in that theater had been armed would that have stopped that nut, perhaps, along with many many more dead from the theater goers shooting one another,, There must be some common ground somewhere out there , Shouldn't there?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Here's a great story by Greg Palast on the assassination attempts on Hugo Chavez's life and the underlying reasons they (and who the they are)wanted him gone.  

Hugo it sounds like may not be with us much longer. But as Palast points out he has appointed his successor and I guess there is nothing for us to do , but wait and see... They (the big boys) want his country back and hope the rest of the revolution in other countries that took signals from what he did will be able to stand too.

It makes ashamed to be an American these days what with torture and assassination as a game plan is not the country I served for so many years... I want my country back!


Wanna fix the problem takes a simple bill..

Not only fixes the health care problem for all but cures the outlying deficits entirely....So fix it god damn it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The fairy tale that is our foreign policy.. That's is their goal.. What is their record..not impressive at all.. Not since WW2 have we actually won a war.  In Iraq and Afghanistan we have left or will leave countries worse off than when we found them and certainly less friendly to us now.. 

Seeing our actions on the world stage a lot of the rest of the world despises us , if not for our aggression on foreign soil , the destruction of the world economy by our economic master minds. 

Dominance , a fucking joke.  We can't even whip a ragtag army in Iraq (they simply disappeared) sure we raised the flag over Sudam's palace but we certainly didn't win the hearts and minds of the people.   Afghanistan, 12 years and counting , out in 2014 , leaving what? 

It's about time the US begins to leave countries to decide their own fate.. We should not be trying to destabilize countries like Venezuela simply because we want control of their valuables.

We have always played these games and have destroyed country after country with our dumbshit foreign policy.  It's time to right the wrongs in our own country.   We could start by not applying the same kind of economic solutions we have at times forced on the rest of the world... to their determent and now ours.


The two main schools of economic theory argue back and forth which one is right.. The neo-liberal side won't let you use graphs of older experiments showing their theories because they have been total disasters ..

So how about a live and upfront view of today . Two examples  of the different results pursuing the opposite strategies and the results.  Notice please 10 year old's working in factories to support their out of work parents..This should show you just how low the manufactures of the world will stoop to make profits.. They even brag how to overcome the low wages they are paying ,they are making 2 and 3 cent versions of things like toothpaste, and shampoo.

The conservatives try to use recent experiments of their unregulated, trickle down economic bullshit  as a great success story by once again using a snapshot of time to prove their point..Problem is if you run the program just a little further you get the EU the UK and others who followed their ideas are all wallowing in the depths of depression.. Huge unemployment, cuts is social programs and depths of despair not seen since the depression or the great wars.. 

As the first link clearly shows , Latin American development has been showing good growth led by folks like Cesar Chavez and other progressives that progressive economics does still work today.  

So now we sit here with living evidence that the conservatives are as wrong today as they have been wrong in the past.. and you have clearly seen in the articles presented they are willing to go back to using child labor is factories .. 

Clearly the only answer to stop them is a massive program by all workers and bill payers to stop working and paying bills , not even buying their 3 cent shampoos . Stop the wheel , the screams will be quick in coming and it will be from the fat cats who are no longer making a buck.. Sure everything will crash and then they will realize the depth of their mistake.. When all their toys quit working and their is no one willing to make them work again..Then we will have our day..

Sounds drastic , I know, but sometimes it is necessary to experience some pain now for a better life in the future..On our current path only misery lies ahead.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


The lousy Republicans are threatening to take the country down again unless we cut Social Security and Medicare in two months.  more threats on the debt ceiling but of course they are only targeting the two programs they have been after since their inception..  

The Tiger Cage has more than once listed the real cuts that can be made to fix the problem forever so just pay attention and see if anybody mentions even just one of the programs I have listed here.

I can only see one way to stop these cruel bastards , we have to put up a counter offer that kills all their favorite pork programs and then depend on the Senate (the one or two brave souls we have in the Senate) and pull their power to stop these things from hitting the floor..

Perhaps we will have to let them shut down the government and force the country into depression.. It will hurt but it would kill their hold on the country for 50 years or so like it did the last time they pulled this shit.. 

It is unbelievable they are going to do this again.. It should instill in everyone's mind what evil bastards these pukes are... The deficit they are bitching about was caused by them and now we must pay for it.. Well fuck em.. we can always pull an Iceland and tell them all to stick their debt.. It worked for them and it will work for us , we just have to have the courage to make it happen.,.