Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You will hear everything but the list below.. None of what you hear will fix the budget problem..Almost a sure thing by now that we will go to sequestration and the blood will spill on the groung, our blood....They will try and make it much harder for the less well to do while they go play in places like Davos..

The parallels between today and the great depression are many and the same people are behind it once again..We tamed them once 80 years ago and we will do it again, but probably till a lot more pain is caused

They could avoid it all by doing this list:

The List
1. Raise the ceiling on SS taxes to 250K
2. Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices
3. Get rid of civilian contractors doing jobs previously held by military personnel.
4. Close all foreign bases found not necessary for national defense..
5. Scrap all military weapons programs for ships, plane and super munitions we don't need or would never use.
6. Stop all subsidies to corporations that are deemed not required for their survival and only then if they are actually job creators..(alternate energy as example)
7. Medicare for all
8. Place a small transaction tax on all financial transactions done by corporations.
9. Negate all derivative contacts and forbid future use
10. Separate banks to their old formats
11. Limit number of option contracts to prohibit hedge fund operations that can control the cost of commodity goods.
12. Stop Fed from putting 90 billion a month into the banking system buying up junk mortgages. Requiring instead putting the 90 billion into infrastructure construction.
13. Place import tariffs on all manufacturing products that could be built in this country.


  1. Well, I think you're right. I'll bet they don't talk about any of that. Maybe the transaction tax?

  2. I LOVE your list.

    You are so right.Things are not as complex and impossible as they appear. Your solutions are real and fairly easy to implement.

    How do we get these changes started?