Sunday, January 6, 2013


The lousy Republicans are threatening to take the country down again unless we cut Social Security and Medicare in two months.  more threats on the debt ceiling but of course they are only targeting the two programs they have been after since their inception..  

The Tiger Cage has more than once listed the real cuts that can be made to fix the problem forever so just pay attention and see if anybody mentions even just one of the programs I have listed here.

I can only see one way to stop these cruel bastards , we have to put up a counter offer that kills all their favorite pork programs and then depend on the Senate (the one or two brave souls we have in the Senate) and pull their power to stop these things from hitting the floor..

Perhaps we will have to let them shut down the government and force the country into depression.. It will hurt but it would kill their hold on the country for 50 years or so like it did the last time they pulled this shit.. 

It is unbelievable they are going to do this again.. It should instill in everyone's mind what evil bastards these pukes are... The deficit they are bitching about was caused by them and now we must pay for it.. Well fuck em.. we can always pull an Iceland and tell them all to stick their debt.. It worked for them and it will work for us , we just have to have the courage to make it happen.,.

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