Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The fairy tale that is our foreign policy.. That's is their goal.. What is their record..not impressive at all.. Not since WW2 have we actually won a war.  In Iraq and Afghanistan we have left or will leave countries worse off than when we found them and certainly less friendly to us now.. 

Seeing our actions on the world stage a lot of the rest of the world despises us , if not for our aggression on foreign soil , the destruction of the world economy by our economic master minds. 

Dominance , a fucking joke.  We can't even whip a ragtag army in Iraq (they simply disappeared) sure we raised the flag over Sudam's palace but we certainly didn't win the hearts and minds of the people.   Afghanistan, 12 years and counting , out in 2014 , leaving what? 

It's about time the US begins to leave countries to decide their own fate.. We should not be trying to destabilize countries like Venezuela simply because we want control of their valuables.

We have always played these games and have destroyed country after country with our dumbshit foreign policy.  It's time to right the wrongs in our own country.   We could start by not applying the same kind of economic solutions we have at times forced on the rest of the world... to their determent and now ours.

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  1. Israel is the test-bed of full spectrum dominance. Not only overwhelming offensive force, but state of the art missile interception systems. Of course, those rockets the Palestinians are firing aren't exactly all that fast.