Monday, January 14, 2013


Unfortunately a lot of the nutcases in this country own guns and at their first annoyance they threaten to start spilling blood.. This latest nut job surfaced the other day when he for the first time heard his kindergärtner siting the pledge of allegiance followed by a school pledge that encourages excellence.

He thought he heard them drop the word liberty from the pledge and he also objected to them staying facing the flag while saying the school pledge..

And over these injustices (supposed) he threatens to spill blood.  Now if you really want to stop the bloodshed this jive ass acting out his threat throw him into psychiatric evaluation for 90 days.  No it's not a violation of his freedom so speech it is simply a check on his sanity to say stupid things in public.. It would serve as a real check on nutcases and provided a cooling off period to instill a little common sense to these gun happy shits.  

Then bat crap crazies like Alex Jones threaten another revolution if any new gun regulations are passed, spittle flying, screaming threats, looks institution worthy to me.  

It would seem like common sense to at least sit down and talk about measures we might take to stop these horrible mass killings.. Ask a teacher if they think teachers should be armed, they will uniformly say no.  Would cops in every school stop, doesn't seem so there have been cops at at schools where mass shooting have occurred .  Some moan what if every person in that theater had been armed would that have stopped that nut, perhaps, along with many many more dead from the theater goers shooting one another,, There must be some common ground somewhere out there , Shouldn't there?


  1. Yes, I agree. It is amazing that cops haven't shot each other where 6 to 8 cops are shooting at one guy and about 50+ bullets are fired. The question is, if trained law enforcement officers have to empty their clips to put a man down, how well will an untrained citizen do?
    It takes special training to make the decision and know how to fire into a crowded area so innocent people are not hit.