Friday, January 25, 2013


The republican party is having a big meeting to try and decide where they went wrong is 2012..If they have to have a meeting to discuss their failure tells me they don't have a clue..

Then their front runners for 2016 (don't shudder) it has already started on both sides..

Hillary and Biden of the left, Jindal, Rubio, Ryan on the right leading the pack..

Meantime, back in the real world odds are we will go into sequester and the shit will hit the fan... might be the only way to cut the defense budget but the pain to the social programs will be worse.. Almost a  sure thing Medicare and Medicaid will get whacked hard.. and SS too but that most likely will be a death of a thousand cuts..

If we are forced into sequester the republicans will bear the blame and there goes any chance of them resurrecting themselves at least in 2014.

Their old stand by of God, Abortion, Gays and Guns will be the battle flag as always.  They will not learn how to talk to women or Latinos  or gays either as they will only hear BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. and believe nothing they gen up..

We are in for a difficult time I am afraid and there is nothing we can do about it.. so hang on..


  1. I agree there is nothing we can do to stop the coming tsunami. If you haven't yet prepared to care for yourself and loved ones for a long stretch, NOW is a good time.

    Thanks Grey Tiger

  2. This is Mike Wright from the WCC. Couldn't find a way to email you on this site so I thought I would try this. My email address is "". Will probably try and call later today(Sunday 27 Jan).

  3. Yes, the wrongful "right" have already started their negative campaign slamming Biden and Hillary about a week after the inauguration on their Limpballs and Hannity Insanity radio programs. I think the parties should be changed to No and Knowledge ie. Right and Left.
    Like you say, having meetings to figure out what they did wrong in the last election reinforces they won't win the next election either because they can't see past the hands in front of their faces and don't connect with anything good.