Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trump Question Obama's Birth Place

The Tiger questions is Donald Trump Human?

You gotta give the Right Wing Flakes the trophy for being total idiots..Racists or whatever title you would like to put on them..

Jack Davis a candidate for Congress from New York wants to deport Mexicans and bus inner city blacks to the fields to pick crops..

This list of candidates supporting legislation against women should gain the republicans exactly 0 women votes.

Plus the drive by the Koch brothers and their clone governors and legislatures out to bust unions, collective bargaining, social programs, women rights, contracts of all sorts, disbanding local governments and appointing a manager to handle local governance.

If your still going to vote republican , please comment to this post and I'll send you a million more reasons why you shouldn't .

Monday, March 14, 2011


All who have read my blogs knows that I've been a huge proponent for new nuclear plants, unshakably . Now hold your breath, "I still am". All though the Japanese plant meltdowns are shaking that faith a lot.

I am speculating with limited data and a whole hell of a lot of hindsight it is clear to me that many design flaws were built into these designs and being 40 year old plants is no excuse. The fact that all ten emergency generators were at or a little below ground level and were protected by a protection wall high enough to hold back Tsunami force waves and the switchgear to connect them to the plant were behind that wall looks like piss poor planning to me.. The largest wave ever experienced in the area was a 50 footer in 1896 they did not prepare for one that size.. A prudent engineer would have added at least 50 percent more wall just for the hell of it.. Just this one lack of judgement probably put them in this position..

Some are saying today that the plants on the design tables now would have survived this disaster.. That use to sit really well with me but with this incident I will question further designs.. That we pretend to be able to guess the maximum quake strength on any fault has proven to be bullshit time and time again. So what's a good engineer to do.. There most likely is not a design that you can absolutely guarantee will not fail.. You can guarantee it, but who is going to believe it..

The bottom line is a real bitch.. The trade off is as , Don't build them and millions will die from lack of power to sustain modern day life.. or build them and take the chance some will die in a major meltdown ... I'm putting my money on building them.... what am I using to come to this conclusion ..45 years of safe naval reactor operations and with the exception of 3 mile island , a 104 , 40 year plant operating history that has been the safest in comparison to any other major energy fuel..

Here are some of the best links found today

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well here's good news for you. The two most feared world channels Aljazera and RT (Russian Television) are competitors to BBC World News.. Live Station has both and more ,, easy to use , watch them on your PC or hook them up to your TV (if you can) Aljazera is being jammed (I can't guess by who) but Live Station channels are in the clear...

Friday, March 4, 2011


Bradley Manning was stripped naked for the second straight night, but has not been placed on a suicide watch which according to the manual is one of only two grounds for stripping a prisoner.. Nowhere have I seen mentioned what the room temperature is in this brig.. The best evidence we have is for a white house pressman saw on a visit to manning... Has Dennis Kucinich been allowed to see him yet,, When Dennis tells me that he has seen him and all is ok , I might believe it.. Till then this can be no more than a case to crack Manning to fingering Assange..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Short and To the Point

My main man for statics John Williams lays it out in this video why government stats are bullshit and the glaring fact that real wages are at or below 1973.

Now Gallop has U6 at the same level as 14 months ago , after falling a couple of percent has risen 2.5% since December ..

If there was ever any doubt in your mind about a recovery this should fix it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No More Smirking Chimp Posts

As of today I have quit posting to the Chimp.. Jeff decided he didn't like the headlines I used in my news posts... Since there were no rules posted (they only existed in Jeff's head) I viewed his threat to delete future posts in the didn't meet (in his mind only ) requirements... I viewed that as censorship , so no more Chimp.. I will be here and you all will continue to get a notice when I post..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In the news   today the fouling of East Coast water supplies by the process know as "FRACKING" a method used to produce natural gas... Now it is surfacing that Pittsburgh's drinking water is radioactive . Why , because these dummies are using radioactive isotopes to mark progress of their fracking fluids.  You probably have seen the video of people putting a match to their faucets and they burn like it was a gas jet instead of a drinking water faucet .

I wrote a piece on the Smirking Chimp last July  on the Fracking Process but the radioactive part of the story went unnoticed .   Well now it's making the NY Times.. If I was still on the East Coast I would be big time worried..