Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trump Question Obama's Birth Place

The Tiger questions is Donald Trump Human?

You gotta give the Right Wing Flakes the trophy for being total idiots..Racists or whatever title you would like to put on them..

Jack Davis a candidate for Congress from New York wants to deport Mexicans and bus inner city blacks to the fields to pick crops..

This list of candidates supporting legislation against women should gain the republicans exactly 0 women votes.

Plus the drive by the Koch brothers and their clone governors and legislatures out to bust unions, collective bargaining, social programs, women rights, contracts of all sorts, disbanding local governments and appointing a manager to handle local governance.

If your still going to vote republican , please comment to this post and I'll send you a million more reasons why you shouldn't .

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  1. I'm not voting Republican, but I'd sure like to have another choice besides Obama. I wish he was from Kenya instead of Chicago!