Saturday, November 24, 2012


The  above is going to the required dress code of all Republicans.

Once again the republicans are looking like fools in their attack on Susan Rice's statement to the UN on the embassy attack.  They put on a full court press to destroy her public image while getting out information they thought she should have said...It would now appear that they might have seen the memos out of the FBI and the CIA that had more indication of the event having terrorists involvement.  (that info provided by insider leaks) sometimes called neighborhood gossip.  I've lost count on how incidents like this they have pulled off since they went on stupid road to party irrelevance.  

 Rice put the information  provided to her by the DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY the chain of command of all government data to the public.. So by now you must have figured out that the republicans knew exactly what was put out by all agencies and that Susan had relayed the information they wanted to put out.

There may have been a real good reason for them to edit out terrorist from the  memo.  Some items concerning national security should not be released to the public as soon as it is known.  The republicans over three decades have shown their disdain for cloak and dagger stuff... Hell they outed Valarie Plame god knows how many of her operatives were offed because of that leak.

The party as a whole has shown they shouldn't be any where near the levers of power,  they have no compassion or gratitude , they only care about the status of their power at the time and will do anything to destroy the other guy.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday we talked about Twinkies and today I want to highlight Walmart..   The link is kinda a graphic , not a lot of words, but they will give you a quick and sorrowful picture of how it feels to be a Walmart working single Mom.  While the Waltons and shareholders pocket billion in profits their employees (who earn on average $8/hr)  and given just enough hours in lots of cases to get no benefits.. Not an unusual situation today as it has become the norm..

$16000 a year is poverty level wages , but it does qualify for food stamps (making her one of the takers 47%)  .  Most likely workers such as her have to get their health care in free clinics or emergency rooms . While Obama care might help this some , there are an awful lot of doctors out there who won't take Medcaid because their payment schedule is   to low for the docs to run a business on.. So it's whatever care left... A bitch for someone with a young child.. God forbid that the child have a significant problem..

You saw the same story happening in the baker story of yesterday.. NOW PAY ATTENTION FOR A MINUTE.  Stop and remember how these strikes and walkouts are presented in our MSM's. Always , Always slanted to make the workers look like greedy bastards...

Even when their were teachers on the picket lines they were painted as overpaid, lazy , with too much time off and with benefits way to high.... If you ever take a minute to pick one of these fights and find out who fucked up their pension plans you won't see it be the workers fault.. It's always management who stole the money for other programs and left the retirement fund with IOU;s.

Our own government does it with Social Security ... Social Security is in surplus every year and in the past over 200 billion bucks was taken in than was needed to support the system.. So Uncle borrowed it and gave good ole government T-bills to hold ... Now you hear the cry that the system is broken ,, *HELL NO IT'S NOT" . They are trying to find a way to default on our accounts by various budget savings pieces of shit fixes that lines more of Wall Street pockets while they pick ours..


Please don't think because we Progressives won the election that we don't have to pay attention to the programs that effect us.. We do, because neither side is the workers friend.. Neither... We can only supply pressure and support to the few in congress who can save us.  Sanders, Warren and Grayson are good one's to support.. We have to stay on top of this because they have the Austerity Fever and now they want to apply it to us..We have to fight back and hard..


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Vulture Capitalist kill another company   From Wonder Bread to Twinkies to Hostess Ding Dongs are being killed by brutal management tactics bent on destroying the union or the company , the employees have a choice take another monster wage and benefit cut or watch the gates get locked and the company ends.  

The bakers 10 years ago took a wage cut from 48K to 34K , lost their pension fund and benefit package reduction.. Now they are back again offering cuts to 25k .  So in 10 years they are being asked to eat a 50% pay cut.

The sad thing about this story is the Union has basically sold them out each time and now it looks like the curtain is going to close on products that have been around almost as long as  I have.. The intention is to sell off the parts of the company they can and just walk away from the rest.

One more glaring example how Vulture Capitalists are destroying our country.. and it seems the unions may be on the wrong side of the story..

The link is to the World Socialist Party but don't let that throw you,. the story is correct and can be verified if you doubt the story..

Their fix a worker revolution may be the only answer.. I would suggest my style of revolution , GO SIT ON YOUR LAWN , WITH RIGHT ARM RAISED AND YOU MIDDLE FINGER EXTENDED AND WAIT FOR THEM TO ASK WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOU TO RETURN TO WORK... It wouldn't take long , maybe only a week...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Obama's win proves one thing... A Cracker vote only counts as 3/5ths of a vote...The South will not rise again till they get a little more human...Back to the bible boys and figure out where you went wrong..

Saturday, November 3, 2012


They just had to make the Benghazi attack a political event before many of the facts were known.  Too what benefit I was never sure.. The republicans were spewing out   leaked information from what appear now to be uninformed sources ,leaked information which of course was not fact checked (they don't believe in fact checking)(and now you know why) The truth doesn't make a good political attack.

You do remember Valarie Plame the CIA  nuke expert working under cover with a large string of inside informants (and now probably dead) when
Cheney's office outed her as CIA operative to try and debunk her husband's
Ambassador Wilson's story that Iraq had no WMD.

In just a short period of time a Republican has outed operatives and the names o f their contacts which is clearly an act of Treason.  It's time for the Attorney General too investigate and charge those involved. Good people have served and some have died because of their callous acts.. How could you possibly vote for such as these..


Mitt has been running around the country touting his 5 point plan (which is really 1 point) .  Now his one point plan has been destroyed by a Congressional Research Service Report which goes back 60 years has found that tax cuts to the rich do little or nothing to create jobs.   You haven't seen this report which was issued weeks ago because the Republicans objected to it's findings.  They not only can't handle the truth they don't want you to see it and be able to choose.
See Choice of any kind is hated by the republicans..

The fact that Romney has based all his miracle programs on one simple idea cut taxes and all will be well.   Even if you are hard cored republican you have to admit that this tax cut stuff has been going on for at least 15 years and it has produced damn few jobs..

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE EDITORIAL  You need to read this (especially if your a republican) .  From the heart of Mormon country an endorsement of Obama with a good analysis of both men.

To sum up my feelings on Mr. Romney , his 5 point plan is no plan at all.. his demonstrated lack of knowledge of things foreign (even to knowing Iran has 1000 miles of shoreline) and doesn't back Syria for that reason.  His stated goals of privatizing everything (including FEMA) has in every case to cost more while providing less.

Their hardly should be a need for anybody to write negative stories on Mitt. He is his own demolisher simply done by opening his mouth.. He has been on the other side of himself every other day and as the Tribune asks "What does Mitt believe?" you have to pick a day and you can bet he will be somewhere else tomorrow..

A vote for this clown shows me something of your character , and it ain't good.