Saturday, November 24, 2012


The  above is going to the required dress code of all Republicans.

Once again the republicans are looking like fools in their attack on Susan Rice's statement to the UN on the embassy attack.  They put on a full court press to destroy her public image while getting out information they thought she should have said...It would now appear that they might have seen the memos out of the FBI and the CIA that had more indication of the event having terrorists involvement.  (that info provided by insider leaks) sometimes called neighborhood gossip.  I've lost count on how incidents like this they have pulled off since they went on stupid road to party irrelevance.  

 Rice put the information  provided to her by the DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY the chain of command of all government data to the public.. So by now you must have figured out that the republicans knew exactly what was put out by all agencies and that Susan had relayed the information they wanted to put out.

There may have been a real good reason for them to edit out terrorist from the  memo.  Some items concerning national security should not be released to the public as soon as it is known.  The republicans over three decades have shown their disdain for cloak and dagger stuff... Hell they outed Valarie Plame god knows how many of her operatives were offed because of that leak.

The party as a whole has shown they shouldn't be any where near the levers of power,  they have no compassion or gratitude , they only care about the status of their power at the time and will do anything to destroy the other guy.

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  1. This just points out that the pubs don't care abut the US or US agents or national security. They just do what they can do to tear down the Dems without realizing the damage they are doing to national security or the security agents.