Saturday, November 3, 2012


Mitt has been running around the country touting his 5 point plan (which is really 1 point) .  Now his one point plan has been destroyed by a Congressional Research Service Report which goes back 60 years has found that tax cuts to the rich do little or nothing to create jobs.   You haven't seen this report which was issued weeks ago because the Republicans objected to it's findings.  They not only can't handle the truth they don't want you to see it and be able to choose.
See Choice of any kind is hated by the republicans..

The fact that Romney has based all his miracle programs on one simple idea cut taxes and all will be well.   Even if you are hard cored republican you have to admit that this tax cut stuff has been going on for at least 15 years and it has produced damn few jobs..

SALT LAKE TRIBUNE EDITORIAL  You need to read this (especially if your a republican) .  From the heart of Mormon country an endorsement of Obama with a good analysis of both men.

To sum up my feelings on Mr. Romney , his 5 point plan is no plan at all.. his demonstrated lack of knowledge of things foreign (even to knowing Iran has 1000 miles of shoreline) and doesn't back Syria for that reason.  His stated goals of privatizing everything (including FEMA) has in every case to cost more while providing less.

Their hardly should be a need for anybody to write negative stories on Mitt. He is his own demolisher simply done by opening his mouth.. He has been on the other side of himself every other day and as the Tribune asks "What does Mitt believe?" you have to pick a day and you can bet he will be somewhere else tomorrow..

A vote for this clown shows me something of your character , and it ain't good.

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  1. The Salt Lake Tribune editorial is a good read. Thanks, Heidi