Saturday, November 3, 2012


They just had to make the Benghazi attack a political event before many of the facts were known.  Too what benefit I was never sure.. The republicans were spewing out   leaked information from what appear now to be uninformed sources ,leaked information which of course was not fact checked (they don't believe in fact checking)(and now you know why) The truth doesn't make a good political attack.

You do remember Valarie Plame the CIA  nuke expert working under cover with a large string of inside informants (and now probably dead) when
Cheney's office outed her as CIA operative to try and debunk her husband's
Ambassador Wilson's story that Iraq had no WMD.

In just a short period of time a Republican has outed operatives and the names o f their contacts which is clearly an act of Treason.  It's time for the Attorney General too investigate and charge those involved. Good people have served and some have died because of their callous acts.. How could you possibly vote for such as these..

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