Friday, August 29, 2014


You have all seen prisoners with black hoods over their heads. The purpose to keep the individual in the dark about where he is or where he is going or what is going to happen to them.

It's easy to do to an individual but much harder to do to a large group.  The corporations of the world have decided to put a hood over the entire world while they negotiate the infamous TPP (Trans Pacific Trade agreement) .  You may have heard about this agreement but so damn little of what is in it.  Bits and pieces have drifted out when some have seen small parts of the agreement have been leaked .  If you were one of the 600 corporate shills who are participating in drafting this agreement  you of course have full access to the agreement.

Congressman Grayson of Florida has fought his way into seeing the agreement but is forbidden to reveal what is in it.  He didn't like what he saw but we may never get to know what is in it till it is already law.

Interesting enough several countries object to parts of the agreement , mostly over trying to protect parts of their economy that are important to the culture nature of the products they are trying to protect.  Other countries involved want to throw them out of the agreement rather than allow them the protection they want.  In the end it is my opinion this will be the death of the agreement as there are many of these disagreements in the wording right now.  If the disagreeing nations are allowed to keep their protections the deal is dead .

The is a complicated agreement that effectively seeds all power to corporations and supersedes national agreements.  READ HERE SOME OF WHAT IS CONTAINED IF THE AGREEMENT. 

If they ever get to  to passing Fast Track political process I implore you to fight with all  your might to keep them from fast tracking this deal.. If opened to a full debate on the pieces of this deal it will never get ratified.  Too many will be against pieces of the bill that just perhaps there will be enough opponents to the deal to overcome the zillions of dollars the corporations will be throwing at congress.

A small example of what this treaty will do you have seen demonstrated when Monsanto  has successfully won settlements in court because a farmer was found to have GMO products in their fields when they were not supposed to.. Of course the GMO seeds had been blown there and not stolen didn't seem to matter and the farmer was driven out of business do to legal expenses.

Think of a world where all products were protected by the corporations who own them and any who oppose would be destroyed.  Of course it would give the corporations exactly what they want, maximum profits with no competition.

Most likely this will come to the front after the election.  Keep your head up and prepare to fight this with all your might.  We cannot afford to loose this one.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


42 Years ago the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in international waters.  All attempts to come to the Liberty's aide was called back by President Johnson so as to not embarrass Israel.  (unbelievable) Then to compound matters all military leaders and even the crew were ordered to keep their mouth shut about this incident.


To this day this incident keeps me from being sympathetic toward Israel.  The  incident itself is enough to enrage me but even deeper rage and disrespect of our leaders civilian and military has been caused by the cover up of our leaders to keep the countries support of Israel high.

  The abandonment of our sailors by their whole chain of command is an act that I will never be able to forgive.  On the other hand I am unable to understand why someone in the chain of command didn't rat out the operation.
I'm sure they would have vanished from the face of the earth but having provided the evidence to one of a few reporters who are brave enough to make it public.  No one ratted the higher ups although the story  pieces did surface the whole story never made it to the public.

When you loose trust of your leaders you lead and unsettled life.  When you automatically question what comes from our leaders mouth it keeps you busy sorting out fact from fiction.  With our MSM parroting what ever the offical word is your pretty much on your own to dig out the truth.  Thanks to the Internet you can dig out scraps and eventually piece the story together.  The one thing  that gives you a starting point is you can pretty well count on the company line being a lie.

Friday, August 15, 2014


It had to happen.  Any econ 101 student knows what will happen if you load up a country in additional debt to pay off criminal bankers who through the great American derivative scheme drove those countries into debt they couldn't pay.  So in desperate measures had to sell off a countries treasures, public utilities, ports and all else of value to the bankers of the EU and still that hasn't been enough.

So the creditors of the EU have driven them into a Greater depression with negative growth, high unemployment , loss of export sales , and on and on.  Things look glum indeed with no way clear of the problem.  So an entire continent has been driven to their knees by crooked bankers.

The problem is not limited to the EU.  Take a good hard look at Detroit and you can examine up close the same effects being seen in the EU right here in the good ole USA.  

The PTB will not be satisfied till they have the whole world crawling on their knees begging for scraps.  A once great America is turning into a third world country with even worse effects predicted down the road.  Future job predictions show a glim picture of future jobs on top of the horrible loss of industrial production in this country.   With 23.3 percent unemployment  at present with more to come down the road.  The jobs that have been generated are mostly low wage service jobs .  Things are so bad that even Walmart is having trouble quarter to quarter.

Predictions down the road talk of robots replacing jobs like customer service, bus drivers, cab drivers, cooks, wait persons, almost all assembly jobs, nurses , doctors and on and on and on.  Which leaves one to ask "What the hell are all these folks going to do for income?"

The few who are reaping the benefits of this destruction are not concerned that the masses will have no way to keep their money machines going.  On investigations they really think they can put us all into slavery and still have all their money and growth.  History shows that when driven to desperation lots of things are possible.. The greedy of the time seldom can hold on to what they have and ours will not be able to either.

Of course all this could have been avoided if we had kept the regulations in effect that were placed to keep another great depression.  Those regulations worked for 50 years till rules were taken away piece by piece starting with Regan starting the ball rolling with the destruction of the Air Traffic Controllers union.  From that victory onto removing all the regulation controlling markets.  Dose after dose of trade treaties facilitating the destruction of almost all manufacturing jobs in this country.  Even once lucrative jobs on Wall Street have now been replaced with computers that do something over 80% of daily trades.  No brokers needed, just turn your computer on and trade , trade, trade.

Creating generations of people with no hope of rising out of poverty, slavery , or whatever name you put to it, find a way to change it back to how it was.  We shall just have to wait and see how it changes , knowing that it will get better in the future .  We have done it before now we have to do it again.  

The Asian countries have received most of the benefits of these acts as far as the common worker is concerned.  However a closer look at China, India and other countries in the Asian arena sees the eventual downfall of all these countries do to critical shortages in breathable air, drinkable water, and a deficit of power to push them to even more growth.   As those problems get worse you will see jobs return to the US but will this growth pick up those who have been left behind these last 30 years?  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


One could always hope that it only appears broken do to the Information Age resources we have today.  With 850 channels on my satellite TV to all the info available on the net we see daily acts of violence in much larger numbers then in the past.

However things seem to be a bit more complicated than that.  For instance violence by cops seems to be a lot worse today than anytime in my 77 years. Daily it seems another case of unnecessary police brutality  hits the tv.  When you arm even the smallest police department like a Seal team and train them in their tactics I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the outcome.

The leadership in all aspects of our society has demonstrated to us in the last 30 years that a huge majority of them are dishonest to flat out thieves and liars.  From government to leaders of industry we see icons of the country telling flat out lies and robbing us blind.

Being straight out lied to to attack Iraq, and then told we do not torture (while holding circle meeting in the White House to discuss methods of torture to be used on a particular victim), to being told that Global trade and all the treaties that sent most of our industrial base overseas, leaving mostly low wage service jobs for some of out workers.

Now after 30 years of this nonsense we see the results of all these lies.  America being classified as a third world nation kinda tells the whole story. With the elite strutting across our screens pushing their chests out proclaiming how great they are while at the same time chiding us at if we are not making it it's our fault.

History shows us that when you push a Nation's population to it's brink of destruction bad shit happens,  not a threat , just a look at the past to tell you where we are headed..

So we most of our leaders corrupt and  being supported by our equally corrupt media we are left to flop around on deck like a fish out of water.  I just wish to stay around till the bad guys get the ole heave ho..

Thursday, August 7, 2014


The planning coming from our defense geniuses if nothing else will make you loose your mind.   The people involved in this planning are of both parties and further proving they both are completely insane.

Read this insane piece if you dare

Six simultaneous wars?  You gotta be shitting me.  Unless my memory is totally shot, recent history (if you call 50 years recent) we have been unable to come away the winner of any war.  Sure if you are a company man you might call Iraq won and I'm sure they will call Afghanistan won we we finally leave.  The winning? in both those countries leaves a lot of their citizens wondering what the hell happened.

Iraq is about to be run over by some of the craziest Muslims in the world with plans to take over much of the Middle East.  The force of Allah is strong and ISIS could actually pull off big plan.  Afghanistan the minute our last trooper leaves  will turn back into a state run by the Taliban. So not being able to defeat even these minor players we are planning to do 6 at one time.

The panel says that this plan will be expensive and the only way to pay for this size military is to cut social programs and to reduce military pay and benefits, now there is a very popular program... The kicker is they say they can't  do this force with an all volunteer army  and will go back to conscription.  Good luck with that!

One thing you have to consider in thinking conscription is what will be the state of the economy when they try to pull this off.  If the country is still lacking decent paying jobs the military might be a viable option.

Very little info coming from government sources can be believed , most when researched is total fiction to further whatever the program is today.  In recent history we have been told so many lies you might have become doubtful of anything the government says.

A couple of government programs I offer as examples.  The MH17 shoot down , the Russians weren't involved as further evidence has shown.  The US was exposed using Twitter and Facebook as reliable sources, really?  Every trade program in my lifetime has been sold to the public as a good deal for us, history shows it has destroyed the country.  Allowing financial companies to run rampant thru our country destroying us with much of the  rest of the world, and on and on.

So in a nutshell leadership in most at the top of the elite are nuts with focus on their own agenda without a thought at what it will do to the rest of us.  For that include leaders of both parties and the military personnel to suggest that a first strike nuclear attack is doable is at the top of the insane list.

Just a few things to consider when contemplating a nuclear attack.   Their are 17000 warheads with 4000 of those ready for immediate use.  Russia and the US have 2000 ready warheads , contemplating a first use says you believe you can knock out every one of those before they have a chance to fire is beyond insane..
If they launch or  not is almost immaterial to the survival of the world.  For us to insure that we got all their missiles we would have to fire a large number of ours.  So the question is , what would be the state of the world after a launch such as this.  Nothing, is the logical answer and only an insane bunch would be able to ignore the final consequence of such a launch.

Monday, August 4, 2014


The City of Detroit is just asking for it.  Turning off water to thousands of household in the city for water bills owed .  A water system that has been privatized as part of the bankruptcies proceedings, and as happens in all privatizing schemes they jump prices way out of reach to normal people.  Detroit being particularly vulnerable because of low paying or non existent jobs.

For people on low income with children during a blistering hot summer will bring about a great unresting and without some relief things could turn ugly. It doesn't take much to turn it into an unruly mass with basically revenge on it's mind.  People already struggling in life should not have to scrounge water.  Imagine trying to keep a family together while trying to scrounge water to cook, clean, bath your kids.

Surely there is a better way to defuse this problem.