Tuesday, August 12, 2014


One could always hope that it only appears broken do to the Information Age resources we have today.  With 850 channels on my satellite TV to all the info available on the net we see daily acts of violence in much larger numbers then in the past.

However things seem to be a bit more complicated than that.  For instance violence by cops seems to be a lot worse today than anytime in my 77 years. Daily it seems another case of unnecessary police brutality  hits the tv.  When you arm even the smallest police department like a Seal team and train them in their tactics I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the outcome.

The leadership in all aspects of our society has demonstrated to us in the last 30 years that a huge majority of them are dishonest to flat out thieves and liars.  From government to leaders of industry we see icons of the country telling flat out lies and robbing us blind.

Being straight out lied to to attack Iraq, and then told we do not torture (while holding circle meeting in the White House to discuss methods of torture to be used on a particular victim), to being told that Global trade and all the treaties that sent most of our industrial base overseas, leaving mostly low wage service jobs for some of out workers.

Now after 30 years of this nonsense we see the results of all these lies.  America being classified as a third world nation kinda tells the whole story. With the elite strutting across our screens pushing their chests out proclaiming how great they are while at the same time chiding us at if we are not making it it's our fault.

History shows us that when you push a Nation's population to it's brink of destruction bad shit happens,  not a threat , just a look at the past to tell you where we are headed..

So we most of our leaders corrupt and  being supported by our equally corrupt media we are left to flop around on deck like a fish out of water.  I just wish to stay around till the bad guys get the ole heave ho..

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  1. The average citizen is essentially a slave to the big bucks dictators. A dictator is like a man riding on a tiger's back, and the tiger is getting hungry!