Thursday, August 7, 2014


The planning coming from our defense geniuses if nothing else will make you loose your mind.   The people involved in this planning are of both parties and further proving they both are completely insane.

Read this insane piece if you dare

Six simultaneous wars?  You gotta be shitting me.  Unless my memory is totally shot, recent history (if you call 50 years recent) we have been unable to come away the winner of any war.  Sure if you are a company man you might call Iraq won and I'm sure they will call Afghanistan won we we finally leave.  The winning? in both those countries leaves a lot of their citizens wondering what the hell happened.

Iraq is about to be run over by some of the craziest Muslims in the world with plans to take over much of the Middle East.  The force of Allah is strong and ISIS could actually pull off big plan.  Afghanistan the minute our last trooper leaves  will turn back into a state run by the Taliban. So not being able to defeat even these minor players we are planning to do 6 at one time.

The panel says that this plan will be expensive and the only way to pay for this size military is to cut social programs and to reduce military pay and benefits, now there is a very popular program... The kicker is they say they can't  do this force with an all volunteer army  and will go back to conscription.  Good luck with that!

One thing you have to consider in thinking conscription is what will be the state of the economy when they try to pull this off.  If the country is still lacking decent paying jobs the military might be a viable option.

Very little info coming from government sources can be believed , most when researched is total fiction to further whatever the program is today.  In recent history we have been told so many lies you might have become doubtful of anything the government says.

A couple of government programs I offer as examples.  The MH17 shoot down , the Russians weren't involved as further evidence has shown.  The US was exposed using Twitter and Facebook as reliable sources, really?  Every trade program in my lifetime has been sold to the public as a good deal for us, history shows it has destroyed the country.  Allowing financial companies to run rampant thru our country destroying us with much of the  rest of the world, and on and on.

So in a nutshell leadership in most at the top of the elite are nuts with focus on their own agenda without a thought at what it will do to the rest of us.  For that include leaders of both parties and the military personnel to suggest that a first strike nuclear attack is doable is at the top of the insane list.

Just a few things to consider when contemplating a nuclear attack.   Their are 17000 warheads with 4000 of those ready for immediate use.  Russia and the US have 2000 ready warheads , contemplating a first use says you believe you can knock out every one of those before they have a chance to fire is beyond insane..
If they launch or  not is almost immaterial to the survival of the world.  For us to insure that we got all their missiles we would have to fire a large number of ours.  So the question is , what would be the state of the world after a launch such as this.  Nothing, is the logical answer and only an insane bunch would be able to ignore the final consequence of such a launch.

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  1. Haliburton and other warfare profiteers have a lot of control over our government. That is why there is so much military spending. Do you think
    the answer to this may lie in separating the military from profiteering interests?