Friday, August 29, 2014


You have all seen prisoners with black hoods over their heads. The purpose to keep the individual in the dark about where he is or where he is going or what is going to happen to them.

It's easy to do to an individual but much harder to do to a large group.  The corporations of the world have decided to put a hood over the entire world while they negotiate the infamous TPP (Trans Pacific Trade agreement) .  You may have heard about this agreement but so damn little of what is in it.  Bits and pieces have drifted out when some have seen small parts of the agreement have been leaked .  If you were one of the 600 corporate shills who are participating in drafting this agreement  you of course have full access to the agreement.

Congressman Grayson of Florida has fought his way into seeing the agreement but is forbidden to reveal what is in it.  He didn't like what he saw but we may never get to know what is in it till it is already law.

Interesting enough several countries object to parts of the agreement , mostly over trying to protect parts of their economy that are important to the culture nature of the products they are trying to protect.  Other countries involved want to throw them out of the agreement rather than allow them the protection they want.  In the end it is my opinion this will be the death of the agreement as there are many of these disagreements in the wording right now.  If the disagreeing nations are allowed to keep their protections the deal is dead .

The is a complicated agreement that effectively seeds all power to corporations and supersedes national agreements.  READ HERE SOME OF WHAT IS CONTAINED IF THE AGREEMENT. 

If they ever get to  to passing Fast Track political process I implore you to fight with all  your might to keep them from fast tracking this deal.. If opened to a full debate on the pieces of this deal it will never get ratified.  Too many will be against pieces of the bill that just perhaps there will be enough opponents to the deal to overcome the zillions of dollars the corporations will be throwing at congress.

A small example of what this treaty will do you have seen demonstrated when Monsanto  has successfully won settlements in court because a farmer was found to have GMO products in their fields when they were not supposed to.. Of course the GMO seeds had been blown there and not stolen didn't seem to matter and the farmer was driven out of business do to legal expenses.

Think of a world where all products were protected by the corporations who own them and any who oppose would be destroyed.  Of course it would give the corporations exactly what they want, maximum profits with no competition.

Most likely this will come to the front after the election.  Keep your head up and prepare to fight this with all your might.  We cannot afford to loose this one.

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  1. One of your best titles.
    Absolutely astonishing the depths of some corporate leaders greed and callousness for fellow humans and nature.
    I will watch for this. We do not have to accept this. We can refuse to acknowledge any authority they pretend to have.