Wednesday, September 10, 2014


School boards or Administrators are pretty well in a tie for being the dumbest folks on the planet.  Damn near daily you see reports of misdeeds authorized by these Neanderthals against our kids we send to their care daily.

Today's offering takes the cake for stupid rules.  This school board has forbidden the use of Chapstick on school grounds because it is an over the counter drug.  Oh yes , it's a gateway drug to what I am not sure.  


Quite often you see stories on how overpaid/lazy/dumb/unqualified for their jobs from the mouths of (most of which) require nothing more than a political mouth spouting uneducated plans for their district that go way past stupid.  These teacher that others like to complain about have to live with stupid rules like these on a daily basis trying to make the teachers so busy policing policies they had no say in formulating.

Administrators who like their jobs gladly enforce the stupid rules passed by these boards and then add their own brand of bullshit to the mix.    

Dead brains are not limited to local folks , no the gang in Washington comes up with their own brand of stupid.   The New Lunch program is a great example of unthinking done by our leaders.  Any one who ever thought you can get kids to eat stuff they don't like as a steady diet must not have raised too many kids.  Remember the video of the kid left sitting at the dinner table with a plate of peas in front of him he has to eat before he can leave. We all know who wins that one.  If you really are worried about obesity how about regulating the fast food served by  our nations thousands of joints where lots of these kids eat regularly.  Instead we put in a program  to control what they eat in school.  How great a success was this , well daily you see school after school abandon the program for two reasons , the kids won't eat it and the dumpsters are fuller than ever.

From the days of zero tolerance till today, one program more stupid than the last has been pushed on our kids and teachers.  Meantime media throws at the kids the untruth that you must go to college to succeed, while thousands of tech jobs go unfilled due to a lack of qualified people and college grads go without jobs or at best a job they did prepare for.

If a ships performance is subpar you relieve the Captain.   We need to relieve a whole bunch at the top of the education system.

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