Thursday, September 11, 2014


No ground troops to Iraq.  Now we have to define troops.  What the president really means is no fighting men on the ground.  While even that is not the entire truth but the glaring fact left out of the discussion is that the Pentagon has called for a bunch of new contractors to go to Iraq instead of military troops.

No matter what you call the folks doing the fighting , dead is dead , so there will be Americans dying on the ground in Iraq as there will be more of in Afghanistan.

The cost of a military type is about $19000 /yr  while a contractor can cost $150K to $250K .  With no real numbers shown us and certainly no costs are we allowed to know but you can easily see contractors cost a lot of bucks.  But we must be putting them in country without shoes, since we aren't going to have boots on the ground.

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  1. Oh my dog, that is slimy. We the people get to pay 8 times the cost per troop and HAVE NO SAY if we want to slaughter these villagers. Obama must be good friends with the military manufacturers.