Thursday, February 26, 2015



The number of loose cannons roaming the world looking for someone to fight is truly amazing.  Nowhere in my 78 years have I seen so many nations and tribes looking  to kill an enemy , any enemy.  All over Africa the middle east and the Ukraine bloodshed by the buckets is flowing.

Meantime back on the ranch, the good ole US instigated the mess that is now the Ukraine, trying as they may to blame it on Russia.  I think that is the scariest part of the Ukraine thing is how inept we are at staging games to blame on somebody else.  All most from the git go it became obvious that Russia did not start this mess.  By backing the overthrow of an elected official and placing a neo nazi scumbag in as president , who immediately sent storm troopers into the street to kill those in opposition, going door to door in some cases and shooting the inhabitants dead in the street.

Then of course there was MH17 shoot down, we claimed was done by Russian forces or at best by rebels.  Just days after the crash hard evidence became available proving it was Ukraine fighter jets that had done the deed.

The Ukraine thing has both sides talking Nuclear War.  The US talking about a first strike and the Russians promising a retaliatory strike in response.  These strikes would most certainly bring about the end of the world.

We are not done in Ukraine yet as THIS FILM SHOWS 6 minutes of heavy equipment rolling within a mile of Russian borders..  The US and the Nato are both banging the drums of war.  Will it never end.

While Ukraine was the headline grabbing story we were once again staging a coup in Venezuela.  Another attempt as many previous attempts to throw out a socialist government that has been very good for the poorer citizens .  The prospective new leader promised to privatize all the had been nationalized since Chavez  started what has turned out to be very popular for the downtrodden masses who had nothing till Chavez came to power.  Once again our neat little coup fell flat on it's ass. HERE is the 20 year efforts to return Venezuela  to a obedient servant to the US.

Our war mongering has left the entire Middle East thorn to sheds from Iraq to Afghanistan  to Libya  to Lebanon.  Our invasions have left those countries vulnerable to the rise of ISIS who's main goal in to goad us into a land war to be staged in Syria to bring about the ends of time.  So I guess you could call this a suicide mission. Their goals are spelled out in this great article in the Atlantic .  There is a good interview on FOX by Shepherd Smith explaining their goals.

Meantime back in the good ole US the hawks are circling once again demanding that we give ISIS what they want , another ground war in the ME..Both sides of the aisle are clamoring for boots on the ground to tame ISIS.  The republican side is so intent on going to war that the Koch brothers are funding a drive to stop Rand Paul (the only republican against boots on the ground) who will probably be successful in stopping Rand.

If that weren't enough Israel is negotiating with the Saudi's to enable them to use Saudi air space to attack Iran. Israel is bound and determined to bomb Iran to stop them from getting a bomb, a bomb everybody that is somebody says they are not pursing a bomb.  Israels own intelligence says they are not looking to build a bomb.

Obama has asked congress to approve Authorization for the Use of Military Force ,if approved it will not essentially limit boots on the ground for an enduring battle.  A battle which with current knowledge of ISIS makes it difficult to figure where to start. They are spread out over three countries and have active presence in many more.  I for one am not willing to spend more American lives and trillions of dollars to rescue countries that do noting to keep ISIS in check. This is there fight , let them make it.  Bring all American presence out of the combat zones and allow nature to take it's course. 

It's time to put on the shelf the task of being a world hegemony and quit interfering with the will of the citizens of those countries.  Just because they don't view the US as there taskmaster doesn't give us the right to mount campaigns to overthrow their elected leaders.  It's time to repair the fences right here in America.  There are enough projects on hand to keep us busy for decades. Let's get to it.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Everything they touch they screw up

A recent change in the dispensing  Class 2 drugs requires a visit to your doctor every 30 days.  THIS STORY depicting the plight of veterans trying to get a script for pain killers.  Adding more pain killers to a Class 2 drug , a drug they absolutely need on time.  The wait for an appointment if this story is 5 to 6 weeks which means if he was out when he asked for his usual amount this new rule slapped him in the face.  So he went for weeks without medication and a painful withdrawal.  How thoughtful the PTB are, they  they had a problem as was demonstrated earlier this year .  Obviously they have not had to watch anyone going though one they would not have put this class drug on the Class 2 list.

We have the same problem out here in Civlant .  Getting a appointment with our GP takes at least the 6 weeks as above.  Using the 6 week  to appointment means you have to schedule at your appointment still gives you two weeks with no drugs. 

There is a simple fix, allow the doctors  to write 3 scripts and schedule another appointment with a comfortable margin for the patient.  Pharmacies keep strict control on Class 2 drugs which the only dispense 30 days at a time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our dear ole USA , always in love of flags of all kinds, currently trying to juggle three of them at once. What needs to be mentioned they are so damn inept at running these operations , that none of them have worked. Of course that doesn't mean they will stop trying.  I am only talking about three of them , there are more of but these are the one's they really want to win.

Let's start with the Ukraine.  First they trained the locals with some good mercenaries in the fine art of rabble rousing and sniper firing , they immediately into effect when crowds gathered and the sniping started killing many and wounding more.  Their goal is to eject the duly elected president of Ukraine (who was pro Russia) and replace him with  Neo Nazy and his thug associates.  Of course this substitute was (pro EU) making them pro USA at the same time.

Once installed they started mass killing of Russian speaking people ,even going door to door.  Remember the picture of the burning building (with window boarded up) with people trying to get out but failing. They killed with all methods of killing , door to door, massed together shot and dumped in the ditch.

They went after the populace of Crimea (mostly pro Russian) , cutting off water and electricity and started killing there.  The people stood up and demanded an election to go back to belonging to Russia , which won , and they were taken back under the wing of Russia.

As a civil war broke out in full with atrocities being shown committed by government sources , while blaming the rebels for the deeds.  To really  make the it look like the pro Russian force they published false pictures of weapons being brought across the boarder , mass murders etc all being blamed on the Pro Russian forces. 

They pulled a really stupid maneuver when commercial flight MH17 was shot down and blamed on the rebels once again.  Many who saw the plane or pictures of the plane said that the plane was not shot down ground missile attack , but by cannon fire from a fighter jet , and it is too bad that 2 Ukraine fighters were shown bird dogging the  flight . Evidence produced by others and called fake by the US was latter proven by multiple sources to  be true.

The fighting continues on today and it looks like the rebels have taken the day.   

Here come the conspiracy theory once again.  This false flag operation was planned and controlled by the US who has a preplanned operation.  Their end goal is to unseat Putin , downgrade Russian military strength, man the borders of Russia with missiles, ruing the Russian economy, and to reduce Russian oil sales by lowering oil prices.  Oh , and keep in mind they have several other countries in their cross hairs at the same time. 

By playing Putin as the bad guy , they got their nation friends to place sanctions on Russia , that coupled with the dramatic fall in oil prices (no accident) got Russia standing on tip toe to overcome their collective nonsense.  But Putin being smarter than the average bear, started making deals with the other big players on the block,China in multiple deals, India Brazil, with others to follow.  Putin and his allies are putting together a complete financial system ,to thwart the control of the vultures at the IMF.  Many players are lining up to join, as they can plainly see the demise of the Hegemony thrust of the US. At present it appears that Russia will survive in the short run, and end up being better off in the end.  This will put the US in the trash can where all hegemony  crazies belong.

FLAG 2= Another attempt to destroy the Venezuelan government , again by rigging the price of oil with the help of the Saudi government.  Maduro following  the plans Chavez put into play providing more money to services for the masses, a plan we obviously can't stand.  Coup after Coup has rained down on the Venezuelan people.  The opposition clearly stated their game plan was to return to corporate control all the companies Chavez had nationalized, privatize everything and to return to IMF control,  in other words destroy all the gains the people made under Chavez for of government.  There have been so many coup attempts in the past few decades, trying to corral all the energy sources in the world.  The US seems to not be able to tolerate any raising or the boats other than their own. Fortunately they snuffed this attempt and made the crazies run to the garbage pile  to plan not doubt other coup.

Flag 3- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner President of Argentina of covering up a 1994 car bombing of a Jewish center.  The Chief Investigator of the incident. Alberto Nisman, was found dead in his apartment, hours before publicly testifying about an alleged cover up by President Cristina Fernandez. She was allegedly covering up Iran’s involvement in the devastation of the two buildings, again allegedly because of an oil for meat and food grain deal between Argentina and Iran may be at stake.

You got that ? A supposed coverup of Iran's involvement in that bombing.  Gee what a surprise the US and Israel plotting to put a war with Iran in their crosshairs.  Those two make me think of the drooling critter in Ailen, slobbering over the destrucion of Iran.  Destruction of Iran being a life long goal of both.

When you look at the after effects of these three operations and possible outcomes , you keep looking over your shoulder for the flash, for both the US and Russia have talked trash  talk about going nuclear.   

As we try to shutdown Russia , Putin chuggs along , one treaty after the other.  His latest accomplishment is to form a new financial system to circumvent  the sanctions .  When other nations sign on (and they will) for no other reason than to get out from under IMF control.

The links below are the sources for this story..

Friday, February 13, 2015


Retail sales are in the tank and the common reason given is they are not spending , they are saving or paying down bills.   I believe there is another reason , one that is seldom talked about, and when it is the story is about workers striking of demonstrating for higher wages.

I suggest the real reason is that a large portion of the work force doesn't make enough money to buy much else than things necessary for life. 
When over 65 million make $15000 or less it doesn't lead to spending on anything other than necessities.  Those necessities are costing more and more each trip to the grocery store, taking a bigger bite out of what little they have, leaving nothing for extras.

You know extras like health insurance, steak , ice cream, and of course nothing left for a retirement fund.  
What I find revolting is that some of the biggest corporations paying minimum wage or maybe just a little more, still find it necessary to limit their hours so they do not have to provide benefits like health insurance.  Yet they do supply their employees instruction to get food stamps and income assistance.  Benefits you and I are paying for, not that I mind but, hell if we pay a share shouldn't the employer?  

Asking for $15/hr is seen as excessive but I ask you to stop and think for just a minute.  $15/hr full time is still only $15K a year hardly a living wage.  There have been study after study shows that raising these low wage employees to a living wage would add trivial amounts to the product or services being offered.  The owners of these companies should hang their heads in shame when they make the top one hundred richest in the world.  Instead they go out and buy another mansion or a very large luxury yacht.  
Being built for a oil Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates.  At a mere 800 million bucks.

While the above yacht is an outrageous example , other rich spend unashamed of their opulent purchases.  The richer they get the stinger they are to the people that made them rich.  

With more and more low wage jobs replacing high paying manufacturing jobs coupled with the ever rising cost of education makes for a desperate young wondering what are they going to do.  Even this years graduating class saddled with high student loans , many have been able to find a job , even a low wage job.  

With a critical election coming in 2016 now is the time to pick and back a person who will push to correct the mess we are in.  Early looks at the fields of prospective presidents shows not many who will foster the kind of change needed.  So pick wisely. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015


This link tells the real tale of the drop in oil prices and the BS flowing about the Ukraine conflict.
Previously others have blamed the sudden drop in oil prices simply do to over supply, I have doubted this because the overproduction has been around for a few years, true it suddenly got worse.  Normally in over supply problems Saudi would reduce production to keep prices up.  That makes sense to me and is the reason I doubted supply to be the problem.  The link above goes into detail what really happened.

While putting the hurt on oil producing nation we have put the hurt on the US fracking industry that is not likely to survive.  It was dieing on it's own by falling production and low gas prices , to be around not much more than ten more years if at all.   The collapse of those companies financed by funny money loan that they will not be able to pay, collapsing the stock market with their fall. 

 It is no secret that the neocons have been champing at the bit to go to war somewhere , somewhere we could actually win one, something that has been missing in our last adventures.  The nations of choice seem to be Iran, Russia and Venezuela, and what dear reader do these three have in common, they all are big producers of oil. Most need a high price of oil to manage their budgets, so rigging oil prices can get all three at once.  

When the US decided to get the elected President of Ukraine run out of the country because he favored an alliance with Russia and installed an administration riddled with Nazi tendencies who promptly started killing people in opposition to them.  With their toadies in power who were aligning with EU and US interests the pressure was put on the Crimean s to toe the Nazi line.  Of course they rebelled , held an election to return to Russian alliance , thwarting the US taking control of Russia's only warm water port.

Now the real bullshit starts to flow.  Starting with the shoot down of MH17 with Russian missiles being blamed later proven with hard facts that it was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter (US media still claims the rebels shot it down.  Meanwhile the fighting on the ground continues and at this writing it looks like the rebels are winning.  They are probably going to gain control in just days.

Watching the Sunday talk shows , I sat with mouth wide open listening from so called experts tell lie after lie.  On a panel on GPS only one out of four told the truth about Ukraine sighting that the others simply didn't know what they were talking about.  I have stood where the one guest stood today , it is what only makes sense.

Most of the talking heads were for giving President Obama blanket authority to go to war any damn place he chooses.  Along with that jewel they are also for sending offensive arms to the Ukraine government .  A government that probably won't exist much longer. 

That the advisers to the President actually believe they can win a ground war with Russia is so absurd they should be laughed out of the country.  They even go so far as to think they can win a nuclear exchange with Russia , a totally stupid idea not based on facts.   Most of those that know aren't sure the world would survive such an exchange, much less a country.

Folks I have been around this planet for 78 years and thought that nothing my government did would surprise me, I stand corrected.  I was not terrified after 911, I did not think we should attack Iraq and I thought we should have taken the Taliban offer of give us Osama, instead of invading that country that recent history told us we could not win.

But the powers to be know better, and believe the sheep will follow their command of charge.  If I were them I wouldn't count on them rushing into the fight.  Stupid eventually shines and it sure damn bright out at this moment.

So are these events a Concerted Conspiracy seems so to me.  The US wants to control Asian waters and the flow of energy products.  They need to weaken Russia and China to enable them that control. They intend to surround Russia with anti missile batteries to lessen to threat of a Russian counterattack should we launch.  If Ukraine remains in Nazi control we will pick another country on Russia's border till we reduce Russia to a non threat position. 

Instead the moves Russia and China have made together along with Brazil and India make our success not in the card.  In my opinion we will loose big , our dream of world hegemony will fade to fairy tale status and we will be left with few friends with our power limited to making us mind our own business.. 



This first clip is of Sarah Palin at the Freedom Summit.  I'll bet you can't make it to the end of this speech and have any hair left. But hell do it anyway.

The Daily Show highlights other Republican candidates speaking at the Freedom Summit.  Oh what a bunch you have to choose from.  Good luck picking one.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


You can hear the drums a beating, the neocons are champing at their bits to start a war with Russia.  Yeah they are bat shit crazy and they are the people supposing to be the advisers to the President. The propaganda is flowing freely  and not very good propaganda at that..  So much of what they put out is so easy to fact check.

By now readers should have figured out that the US instigated the whole Ukrainian by backing the overthrow of the elected leader and back a flat out fascist regime.  So what on earth have we set in place, a regime that openly they want to eradicate   selected individuals, sound familiar the DEFENDERS OF STALINGRAD   think so in their letter to Merkel of Germany.  Here's a small quote from their letter.

Before us there stand familiar pictures: torchlight parades, thugs in nazi-emblemed uniforms, upraised right hands in the Nazi salute, fascist processions with police protection through the center of Kiev, and the imposition, on certain people, of second-class status. 

This group of survivors saw the atrocities they visited on the Russian people  by Nazi troops in WW2 and they see the beginnings of the same happening around Europe and are concerned enough to be sure Merkel sees the threat.

Now the US is considering giving 3 billion bucks of heavy war machinery to the Nazi government.
 All is a not to veiled attempt to goad Russia in a shooting war.

NATO is forming small groups in the countries around Russia to act as guide for a 5000 fast attack division.   They are gaming a nuclear war against Russia.  If that doesn't get your attention then I don't know what to say. 

The planners of this fiasco actually believe Putin will back down if they just keep applying more and more sanctions  till Putin caves.  To believe that you have to believe that Putin will be willing to have all those NATO missiles sitting on Russian boarders.  So what if all the planners are wrong their track record on predicting outcome isn't to shiny. DO THEY HAVE A PLAN IF HE DON'T CAVE.   The links in this piece are worth your attention.  See what you think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


That damn JR. is stealing my thunder today in posting all those stories on our involvement Ukraine.  Showing that we were involved in the coup and funded the operations, then spreading propaganda against Russian involvement. Hiding the fact that we are backing a Nazi like organization.   Yep he beat me to all those stories but I got one he didn't post (I think)

Ukraine admits to ethic cleansing entire cites . For example : Donetsk has 1.5 million people who are supercilious and should be eliminated or run out of the country.   Aren't you proud to see your tax dollars in action.  The pictures of the Donetsk airport proves they are being used to good purpose.


(OH WHAT THE HELL ANOTHER WACKO  AMONG A SEA OF WACKO'S)Gov Walker, yeah that nut job , thinks he is going to be your president.  This is the guy that damn near got recalled (why he wasn't still amazes me)  He slashed and burned his way through the state workers cutting and slashing  them.

NOW HE WANTS TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT.  Stunningly he is polling fairly well but that is probably because not many know much about him.  He is just another austerity seeking republican that wants to skin your ass alive.  If you are considering him you deserve what you get.


Make no mistake about this plan to cut veterans benefits is an ill disguised attempt to make a military career unattractive.  Bullshit you say.   Well I'm here to tell you that they never wanted you to stay beyond about 10 years.  My last job in the navy was as Force Career Counselor , Submarines Atlantic.  At a meeting in late 67 or early 68 at a meeting in DC with the mucky muks of the Navy we were pushing for more to offer 2nd reenlistment's .  It was felt by all of us Force Counselors that we were getting nowhere, so we kept pushing and finally managed to anger the Admiral running the show when he made this statement "We are not going to offer them anything , because we want them to get out at the 10 year mark".  We were stunned.

Now I see not much has changed except how they are going to go about it.  This select panel has come up with a plan.  Here is what they are proposing.

Putting vets into a 401K retirement plan instead of getting 50% of your pay after 20 years you would get about 40% of that amount.  I can see the troops jumping for joy over this bene.  On top of that they want to put the vets into a private health care system similar to Fed employees, this would do away with Tricare the current health care plan.  They argue that this plan is so good that us vets abuse it, which is another case of bullshit.  If these two items are not enough, they also suggest cutting funds to commissary stores, cutting military food stamp programs and other sleezy cuts that will remain unmentioned.  I believe we need to focus on the big items named above.

A little disclosure is in order here, I am a retired Chief Petty Officer USNR-R  , which means I am retired reserve.. I did 11.5 years active and 16 in the reserves.. Therefore I do draw a pension and I also am Tricare eligible , but I only use Tricare to pick up my co-pay on drugs. 

As mentioned above the military has never wanted to many to stay for a career , they wanted your services when you were young, dumb and productive. They are missing something that is very important to a youngster entering in a service, most will or are already married , placing more burdens on a married troop will decrease the effectiveness of that troop.  During long patrols at sea on a sub , the underlying thought in your mind at all times "How is my family doing"  In my case there were no communications with home for  70 days or so. If we had to worry that our families have enough to eat, or are they getting the health care they need.  A preoccupied mind does not perform at his peak, the changes proposed would accomplish the exact opposite  of what they want.


Monday, February 2, 2015


That is the choice facing scholars in all professions.  Tout the company line or loose your job, your grant, or your influence.  Ask any journalist why he is on the bread line, most will tell you  they wouldn't or couldn't spout the propaganda posing as news.

For starters lets talk about my favorite whipping boy, government economic statistics, 5% unemployment , think again.
Unemployment has hung in the hig 20's since 2008, rising from 20% to a 3 year high of 23% .  A lot of the leading economists and the government spout the 5% number while anybody paying attention knows they are lying.

Worse than that myth , the one on we have replace all the jobs lost during the downturn, that may be so but what they don't tell you most were low wage, or part time, and damn few have benefits.

From  time to time you find some brave soul to state the truth and they will tell you it cost them dearly.  Richard Wolff is one who sheds light on the truth, but of course he is a socialist so he is not taken seriously by his peers, shame on them.

The theory applies to lots of areas that the MSM airs as truth when just a little research shows you they are just spouting propaganda.  The best current example of this is the mess in Ukraine, we are led to believe that it is Russian aggression at work.  Lie after lie has been exposed on this blog in the last month or so, proving that the whole Ukraine thing was instigated by the US to starT the campaign to  weaken Russia and force it to splinter into manageable small states.  We forced the ouster a elected president and backed a Nazi to be president.

Being outmaneuvered  by Putin  placing the US  in the difficult position of having more EU countries considering joining the  Bric alliance  and using their economic union to finance their needs beating the stranglehold the IMF has placed on them.  Many EU countries have not placed the sanctions on Russia that the US has put in place. 

Greece is the first to give the IMF the finger refusing to pay the thieves holding their derivative laden debt.  The IMF is playing hard ball but Greece might have a good fast ball and turn to the BRIC alliance to finance them. Others have not placed sanctions and some others are considering dropping out of the EU and the IMF, getting rid of the austerity blanket .
This blog is getting way too long ,sorry , but their is so much propaganda out there it's hard to know when to stop.  I implore you to start fact checking the MSM throws your way. Just perhaps if we are all better informed we can stop this nonsense.  Please remember the bullshit that got us in to the war with Iraq, pure lies. 

We are being fed the same kind of crap about Russia and the Ukraine.

For more info:  here  and from the BBC,   more from BBC. and one more HERE