Monday, February 2, 2015


That is the choice facing scholars in all professions.  Tout the company line or loose your job, your grant, or your influence.  Ask any journalist why he is on the bread line, most will tell you  they wouldn't or couldn't spout the propaganda posing as news.

For starters lets talk about my favorite whipping boy, government economic statistics, 5% unemployment , think again.
Unemployment has hung in the hig 20's since 2008, rising from 20% to a 3 year high of 23% .  A lot of the leading economists and the government spout the 5% number while anybody paying attention knows they are lying.

Worse than that myth , the one on we have replace all the jobs lost during the downturn, that may be so but what they don't tell you most were low wage, or part time, and damn few have benefits.

From  time to time you find some brave soul to state the truth and they will tell you it cost them dearly.  Richard Wolff is one who sheds light on the truth, but of course he is a socialist so he is not taken seriously by his peers, shame on them.

The theory applies to lots of areas that the MSM airs as truth when just a little research shows you they are just spouting propaganda.  The best current example of this is the mess in Ukraine, we are led to believe that it is Russian aggression at work.  Lie after lie has been exposed on this blog in the last month or so, proving that the whole Ukraine thing was instigated by the US to starT the campaign to  weaken Russia and force it to splinter into manageable small states.  We forced the ouster a elected president and backed a Nazi to be president.

Being outmaneuvered  by Putin  placing the US  in the difficult position of having more EU countries considering joining the  Bric alliance  and using their economic union to finance their needs beating the stranglehold the IMF has placed on them.  Many EU countries have not placed the sanctions on Russia that the US has put in place. 

Greece is the first to give the IMF the finger refusing to pay the thieves holding their derivative laden debt.  The IMF is playing hard ball but Greece might have a good fast ball and turn to the BRIC alliance to finance them. Others have not placed sanctions and some others are considering dropping out of the EU and the IMF, getting rid of the austerity blanket .
This blog is getting way too long ,sorry , but their is so much propaganda out there it's hard to know when to stop.  I implore you to start fact checking the MSM throws your way. Just perhaps if we are all better informed we can stop this nonsense.  Please remember the bullshit that got us in to the war with Iraq, pure lies. 

We are being fed the same kind of crap about Russia and the Ukraine.

For more info:  here  and from the BBC,   more from BBC. and one more HERE


  1. LOVE IT.
    The more we advocate for the truth, and disseminate it, the better we will be.
    ~ Heidi

  2. The media war machine is in full gear right now. If we avoid war, it will be a miracle.