Sunday, February 8, 2015


This link tells the real tale of the drop in oil prices and the BS flowing about the Ukraine conflict.
Previously others have blamed the sudden drop in oil prices simply do to over supply, I have doubted this because the overproduction has been around for a few years, true it suddenly got worse.  Normally in over supply problems Saudi would reduce production to keep prices up.  That makes sense to me and is the reason I doubted supply to be the problem.  The link above goes into detail what really happened.

While putting the hurt on oil producing nation we have put the hurt on the US fracking industry that is not likely to survive.  It was dieing on it's own by falling production and low gas prices , to be around not much more than ten more years if at all.   The collapse of those companies financed by funny money loan that they will not be able to pay, collapsing the stock market with their fall. 

 It is no secret that the neocons have been champing at the bit to go to war somewhere , somewhere we could actually win one, something that has been missing in our last adventures.  The nations of choice seem to be Iran, Russia and Venezuela, and what dear reader do these three have in common, they all are big producers of oil. Most need a high price of oil to manage their budgets, so rigging oil prices can get all three at once.  

When the US decided to get the elected President of Ukraine run out of the country because he favored an alliance with Russia and installed an administration riddled with Nazi tendencies who promptly started killing people in opposition to them.  With their toadies in power who were aligning with EU and US interests the pressure was put on the Crimean s to toe the Nazi line.  Of course they rebelled , held an election to return to Russian alliance , thwarting the US taking control of Russia's only warm water port.

Now the real bullshit starts to flow.  Starting with the shoot down of MH17 with Russian missiles being blamed later proven with hard facts that it was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter (US media still claims the rebels shot it down.  Meanwhile the fighting on the ground continues and at this writing it looks like the rebels are winning.  They are probably going to gain control in just days.

Watching the Sunday talk shows , I sat with mouth wide open listening from so called experts tell lie after lie.  On a panel on GPS only one out of four told the truth about Ukraine sighting that the others simply didn't know what they were talking about.  I have stood where the one guest stood today , it is what only makes sense.

Most of the talking heads were for giving President Obama blanket authority to go to war any damn place he chooses.  Along with that jewel they are also for sending offensive arms to the Ukraine government .  A government that probably won't exist much longer. 

That the advisers to the President actually believe they can win a ground war with Russia is so absurd they should be laughed out of the country.  They even go so far as to think they can win a nuclear exchange with Russia , a totally stupid idea not based on facts.   Most of those that know aren't sure the world would survive such an exchange, much less a country.

Folks I have been around this planet for 78 years and thought that nothing my government did would surprise me, I stand corrected.  I was not terrified after 911, I did not think we should attack Iraq and I thought we should have taken the Taliban offer of give us Osama, instead of invading that country that recent history told us we could not win.

But the powers to be know better, and believe the sheep will follow their command of charge.  If I were them I wouldn't count on them rushing into the fight.  Stupid eventually shines and it sure damn bright out at this moment.

So are these events a Concerted Conspiracy seems so to me.  The US wants to control Asian waters and the flow of energy products.  They need to weaken Russia and China to enable them that control. They intend to surround Russia with anti missile batteries to lessen to threat of a Russian counterattack should we launch.  If Ukraine remains in Nazi control we will pick another country on Russia's border till we reduce Russia to a non threat position. 

Instead the moves Russia and China have made together along with Brazil and India make our success not in the card.  In my opinion we will loose big , our dream of world hegemony will fade to fairy tale status and we will be left with few friends with our power limited to making us mind our own business.. 


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