Thursday, February 5, 2015


You can hear the drums a beating, the neocons are champing at their bits to start a war with Russia.  Yeah they are bat shit crazy and they are the people supposing to be the advisers to the President. The propaganda is flowing freely  and not very good propaganda at that..  So much of what they put out is so easy to fact check.

By now readers should have figured out that the US instigated the whole Ukrainian by backing the overthrow of the elected leader and back a flat out fascist regime.  So what on earth have we set in place, a regime that openly they want to eradicate   selected individuals, sound familiar the DEFENDERS OF STALINGRAD   think so in their letter to Merkel of Germany.  Here's a small quote from their letter.

Before us there stand familiar pictures: torchlight parades, thugs in nazi-emblemed uniforms, upraised right hands in the Nazi salute, fascist processions with police protection through the center of Kiev, and the imposition, on certain people, of second-class status. 

This group of survivors saw the atrocities they visited on the Russian people  by Nazi troops in WW2 and they see the beginnings of the same happening around Europe and are concerned enough to be sure Merkel sees the threat.

Now the US is considering giving 3 billion bucks of heavy war machinery to the Nazi government.
 All is a not to veiled attempt to goad Russia in a shooting war.

NATO is forming small groups in the countries around Russia to act as guide for a 5000 fast attack division.   They are gaming a nuclear war against Russia.  If that doesn't get your attention then I don't know what to say. 

The planners of this fiasco actually believe Putin will back down if they just keep applying more and more sanctions  till Putin caves.  To believe that you have to believe that Putin will be willing to have all those NATO missiles sitting on Russian boarders.  So what if all the planners are wrong their track record on predicting outcome isn't to shiny. DO THEY HAVE A PLAN IF HE DON'T CAVE.   The links in this piece are worth your attention.  See what you think.


  1. It is all so overwhelming.

    What is the real reason Obama wants to start a war with Russia?