Tuesday, February 3, 2015


That damn JR. is stealing my thunder today in posting all those stories on our involvement Ukraine.  Showing that we were involved in the coup and funded the operations, then spreading propaganda against Russian involvement. Hiding the fact that we are backing a Nazi like organization.   Yep he beat me to all those stories but I got one he didn't post (I think)

Ukraine admits to ethic cleansing entire cites . For example : Donetsk has 1.5 million people who are supercilious and should be eliminated or run out of the country.   Aren't you proud to see your tax dollars in action.  The pictures of the Donetsk airport proves they are being used to good purpose.


  1. Wow! One and a half million people threatened with murder or being run out of their own country and the national media covers "Is it ok to make babies from 3 parents DNA?" And ice in the East Coast in the winter. Oh my.

    The U.S. Oligarchy supporting Nazi-like ethnic cleansing. Have we learned nothing?!

    Keep up the good work Tiger. We need to know about the stuff our Oligarchy is hiding and doing in our name.

  2. There is one line of thought that says now that Obama has admitted we sponsored the coup, we may back down. I hope so, otherwise, the Ukraine is doomed.