Thursday, February 19, 2015

Everything they touch they screw up

A recent change in the dispensing  Class 2 drugs requires a visit to your doctor every 30 days.  THIS STORY depicting the plight of veterans trying to get a script for pain killers.  Adding more pain killers to a Class 2 drug , a drug they absolutely need on time.  The wait for an appointment if this story is 5 to 6 weeks which means if he was out when he asked for his usual amount this new rule slapped him in the face.  So he went for weeks without medication and a painful withdrawal.  How thoughtful the PTB are, they  they had a problem as was demonstrated earlier this year .  Obviously they have not had to watch anyone going though one they would not have put this class drug on the Class 2 list.

We have the same problem out here in Civlant .  Getting a appointment with our GP takes at least the 6 weeks as above.  Using the 6 week  to appointment means you have to schedule at your appointment still gives you two weeks with no drugs. 

There is a simple fix, allow the doctors  to write 3 scripts and schedule another appointment with a comfortable margin for the patient.  Pharmacies keep strict control on Class 2 drugs which the only dispense 30 days at a time.


  1. The VA has always had a problem with pain killers and patients who have substance abuse problems. I've seen young guys back from Iraq in walkers who can't get their meds cause they got sucked up into the VA's drug abuse treatment program.

  2. Nice, easy solution. I hope they are listening.