Thursday, February 26, 2015



The number of loose cannons roaming the world looking for someone to fight is truly amazing.  Nowhere in my 78 years have I seen so many nations and tribes looking  to kill an enemy , any enemy.  All over Africa the middle east and the Ukraine bloodshed by the buckets is flowing.

Meantime back on the ranch, the good ole US instigated the mess that is now the Ukraine, trying as they may to blame it on Russia.  I think that is the scariest part of the Ukraine thing is how inept we are at staging games to blame on somebody else.  All most from the git go it became obvious that Russia did not start this mess.  By backing the overthrow of an elected official and placing a neo nazi scumbag in as president , who immediately sent storm troopers into the street to kill those in opposition, going door to door in some cases and shooting the inhabitants dead in the street.

Then of course there was MH17 shoot down, we claimed was done by Russian forces or at best by rebels.  Just days after the crash hard evidence became available proving it was Ukraine fighter jets that had done the deed.

The Ukraine thing has both sides talking Nuclear War.  The US talking about a first strike and the Russians promising a retaliatory strike in response.  These strikes would most certainly bring about the end of the world.

We are not done in Ukraine yet as THIS FILM SHOWS 6 minutes of heavy equipment rolling within a mile of Russian borders..  The US and the Nato are both banging the drums of war.  Will it never end.

While Ukraine was the headline grabbing story we were once again staging a coup in Venezuela.  Another attempt as many previous attempts to throw out a socialist government that has been very good for the poorer citizens .  The prospective new leader promised to privatize all the had been nationalized since Chavez  started what has turned out to be very popular for the downtrodden masses who had nothing till Chavez came to power.  Once again our neat little coup fell flat on it's ass. HERE is the 20 year efforts to return Venezuela  to a obedient servant to the US.

Our war mongering has left the entire Middle East thorn to sheds from Iraq to Afghanistan  to Libya  to Lebanon.  Our invasions have left those countries vulnerable to the rise of ISIS who's main goal in to goad us into a land war to be staged in Syria to bring about the ends of time.  So I guess you could call this a suicide mission. Their goals are spelled out in this great article in the Atlantic .  There is a good interview on FOX by Shepherd Smith explaining their goals.

Meantime back in the good ole US the hawks are circling once again demanding that we give ISIS what they want , another ground war in the ME..Both sides of the aisle are clamoring for boots on the ground to tame ISIS.  The republican side is so intent on going to war that the Koch brothers are funding a drive to stop Rand Paul (the only republican against boots on the ground) who will probably be successful in stopping Rand.

If that weren't enough Israel is negotiating with the Saudi's to enable them to use Saudi air space to attack Iran. Israel is bound and determined to bomb Iran to stop them from getting a bomb, a bomb everybody that is somebody says they are not pursing a bomb.  Israels own intelligence says they are not looking to build a bomb.

Obama has asked congress to approve Authorization for the Use of Military Force ,if approved it will not essentially limit boots on the ground for an enduring battle.  A battle which with current knowledge of ISIS makes it difficult to figure where to start. They are spread out over three countries and have active presence in many more.  I for one am not willing to spend more American lives and trillions of dollars to rescue countries that do noting to keep ISIS in check. This is there fight , let them make it.  Bring all American presence out of the combat zones and allow nature to take it's course. 

It's time to put on the shelf the task of being a world hegemony and quit interfering with the will of the citizens of those countries.  Just because they don't view the US as there taskmaster doesn't give us the right to mount campaigns to overthrow their elected leaders.  It's time to repair the fences right here in America.  There are enough projects on hand to keep us busy for decades. Let's get to it.



  1. "since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence."
    ~, Dec 20, 2011

    Dear Grey Tiger,

    I applaud you for staying informed and holding the Oligarchy accountable for its never ending wars. I confess that I tuned out a long time ago. I guess it is because I feel helpless to stop it.

    Our Oligarchy keeps us in perpetual wars, which it starts without consulting the U.S. Citizenry in order to keep the coffers of the military billionaires full. The Oligarchy starts the wars and makes the U.S. Sheeple pay for it, while saying they are killing in our name. (insert excuse for this war here).

    The Oligarchy sends our children [theirs never go] to slaughter mostly innocent, poor people in there own homeland. Our children [never theirs of course] come back mentally and physically damaged and often receive substandard care. Meanwhile, the Oligarchy pays itself handsomely out of the public's funds.

    The insidious thing is, they blow up a market place, for example, to get one suspect and kill 32 children and 9 mothers in the process. These innocent people are not referred to as people, but as "collateral damage" I kid you not.

    Collateral damage.

    After the surviving relatives bury their sister and her two boys, who chose an unfortunate time to shop for dinner, many seethe with revenge.

    Oh Boy! New enemies. ka-ching $$$

    Rinse and repeat.

    It needs to be talked about, it needs to be stopped. Please do a post on what we can do about it.

    I will sign off now. I have to go to the market for tonight's dinner....


  2. In the Middle East, we are caught in a feedback loop. ISIS cuts off a head, the media goes crazy, we bomb the shit out them, they cut off another head, the media dutifully goes crazy again ... there's no way out of here.

    Meanwhile, in Europe/Russa cooler heads are prevailing. Europe had had enough of the USA. La Pen will be the next president in France. It's the end of US hegemony, finally. It will be good for the majority of us.