Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This linked post describes what is happening right now and what effects it has already had.  The fast melt of ice in Greenland, Arctic and  the Ant Arctic, aided by glacier melts all over the world.  Depending on where you live on the earth, effects of climate change  can be different.  We have seen violent storms in the Pacific ,  less in the Atlantic, some areas are hotter than normal others colder.What should be undeniable by now is something is happening and the argument should not be who caused it.

The argument now should be what actions are we going to take throughout the world.  If all do not cooperate especially those heavy producers of co2 all got to get in the game.  Electoral production using fossil fuels has got to be stopped , burning of rain forests to get tillable soil must stop.

The biggest impact on fixing the problem but be as simple as cutting back on wasteful uses .  All manners of power saving devices are available and a little different thinking can go a long way to getting in the game.

Countries like the US who is heavily dependent on fossil fuels for human , and material transportation needs to build a new rail system that is electric, long hauls would be by this method, streetcars in the major cities as their use to be when I was a kid.  A lot less electronic advertisement on the major streets of the world.

Here's where I get in trouble.  To meet our energy needs to get off fossil fuels there are several choices currently available.  Solar and wind with a little hydro thrown in are the best sources available now.  I don't think they will be sufficient to meet our needs.  I feel that we will have to rely on some new nuclear plants if for no other reason than replacement of the old retiring plants.

It's fairly simple if your not willing to do the above then you are saying you are willing to see a lot people die.

The answer to the opening question.  The when is now.  Take a look around the world and you can see it now.


A very simple job if you don't come with a lot of baggage.  If you simply goes down the list of 20 candidates , see which one would do yourself the most good.

Any  candidate that wants to cut Social Security , Medicare, Obamacare, privatize schools , increase military spending should be off your list of possibles.

You know where this is heading.  Guess who is the only one that can pass that test.  I give you the next president of the US ,Bernie Sanders

Saturday, July 25, 2015


The UN last week  overwhelming voted that Israel is the culprit.  I like good company in an opinion , when the world agrees with you , says something.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Israel recently bulldozed 450 10 year old olive trees bringing the to total destroyed since 1967 to 800,000 .  Supposedly the Israeli courts granted them the authority to grab the land.  Along with the trees a well that has existed since Roman times was filled in,  so much for history.  All this to build more settlements pushing the Palestinians ever closer to the sea.

It time for the world courts to whip Israel into line and start acting like a non rapist state.  Ripping the Palestinians   land , deporting 8000 African to keep the race pure sounds a lot like the Nazis they hate so much.   Acting like them doesn't do much for their world image.

They get away with these acts because the world is afraid of being critical if their action, no matter how atrocious their acts are, because the minute you do they say your anti semantic.  So be it, I'm calling their hand in this act and many others that have preceded it.

If I were president the huge amount of aide we send them yearly would be cut off. I would also tear up the mutual defense treaty and let them stew in their own juices.

If you object to this post then do something to make it not necessary to post things like this.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015


A report today by the Social Security Trust fund that the system is solvent and will remain so till the end of this century at least.  I think every republican would like you to believe that it isn't and vote for them so they can cut your throat.  Damn near every bill that makes it to the floor has a hidden phrase cutting SS or some other social program.

I would like to suggest that if you even consider voting one of these idiots into the presidency you had better take a trip to your favorite shrink to find out why your thinking is so screwed up.

The Trustees did say that the disability fund is underfunded as it has been in the past and is easily fixed if we just had sane people running the country.  We don't and the slate candidates running for the presidency save one (Sanders) wants to slice the social programs while raising the defense budget (which is already insane) some more.

From the head clown Trump down thru the candidates including Hillary are out after our benefits , including us retired civil servants....  Keep in mind that our civil servants run some of the most efficient programs going. Not all of them of course , but SS ,Medicare and except for a few examples If the VA was properly funded they could easily be on the list as well.

The common man has only one choice if they desire to save their own asses and that is to vote for Bernie Sanders as the only way to save us commoners.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Trying to even contemplate a Trump presidency makes me shudder.  Speaking of loose lips sink ships that's a picture of Donald Trump.

It's hard to figure why the conservative side of things is looking at him as the cat's meow , that seems to who they flock to in the early stages of the cycle.  Remember 2012 the republicans had  a flavor of the week for months , I expect this cycle to produce the same kind of event.  Trump will run for awhile at the front but sooner or later the republicans will catch on that he is just a con man out to take the country for a ride.

If I hear one more time Trump tells me how much money he has I am going to puke.  I don't care how much money he has or how he got it. I wanna hear what he has for plans of fixing the country . So far he hasn't shown me any cards.

Sooner or later the republicans are going to wake up and shit can ole Donald to the trash heap. Surely out of the 16 or so they have to choose from they can come up with a better offering than Trump.

Meantime on the democratic side of things Hillary is fading fast while  Bernie gains traction.  Hillary is damn near hiding from the press and so far has not caught fire.

Monday, July 20, 2015


While the EU burns our republicans fiddle with more austerity.  The leadership is once again looking to cut all social programs.  They want to turn Social Security into a voucher program, medicare medical too and just recently in the 16 budget they are going after civil service retirement and health care.

Now Ben Carson has slipped a cog or two by agreeing to attend   Rev Carson's attempt to start a new national program.  His main claim to fame is that he believes "all gays should be killed" and us liberals are turning our kids into homosexuals with movies and "girl scout cookies".  I can't even classify that as crazy  it's more like insane.  If Carson intends to be president he better dump folks like the pastor quick.

Crazy seems to run deep in the  republican camp.  They all have a few nuts loose and can't get out of the rut they are in.

However both camps are playing loose with our lives.  The republicans and some democrats fail to understand what is driving the EU problem and it is really simple , austerity programs just make the problem worse and worse.  Greece is the first to look they will have to fold their cards and eventually the EU will have to really reduce their deficit by writing it down to a payable level.  So  the republicans 2016 budget contains what, more austerity for social programs but give defense a huge boost.

Speaking of defense our Secretary of Defense is still preparing for war with Iran and saying so in public.  They just can't lay their guns down.  Obama sends weapons to the crazy Nazi's of Ukraine, stirs the pot with China and  Russia , threatens a first strike nuclear war, drones half the world while stomping around stirring the pot wherever he can.

2016 elections hopefully will give us a chance to place people in power with a different way of doing business.  At the present time only one man meets my criteria for president and that is Bernie Sanders.  All of MSM and political pundits say Bernie does not have a chance of winning.  Apparently the people haven't gotten the word yet and hopefully they won't and Bernie will become president.  It could happen but you have to help.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Retired General Wesley Clark wants to place in interment camps who actively speak out against our foreign policy need to be locked up.  Guess I need  to start packing.  He does not explain  how wide his broom will be but the thought is catching hold among the political elite.  Way too much talk about internment camps for all different kinds of folks.  Time to kill that idea in the bud.


Drawing huge crowds in Texas and Arizona Bernie shows the people of the south are ready to listen a man way outside  their  normal comfort zone.

The MSM was absent of course they are not giving Bernie a shot at winning , why should we take their word on anything.  Just consider how they handled the Iraq war, the economy, the crooked banksters, essentially they lied.  Wherever Bernie goes large crowds have gathered so many in fact that he has been forced to move his appearances to larger halls. The people are responding to his message which for any thinking man contains much of what we have been crying for but did not obtain the last 30+years.

Differences in management styles between Hillary and Bernie are already seeping to the surface.  Hillary is trying to micromanage her campaign, not answering questions , structured meetings, very few policy statement have been made, basically being as aloof as a presidential candidate can be. On the other hand Bernie talking to his grass root organizers that he had no intention on telling them how to run the campaign in their home state as they no better than him what they need in their state.  Don't now about you , but that's the kind of leadership I believe in and have practiced in all my leadership positions.  People work their asses off if they have input into the product.

Bernie and O'Malley showed up at NETROOT NATIONS and both were treated rather rudely by an unruly crowd shouting down the candidates where it became difficult to listen .  Both men struggled to get thorough their presentations.  Too bad those angry black folk couldn't shut up and listen to their message, both of whom would do much to help their communities.  Their outbursts reminded my of early tea party rallies .  Needless to say I don't think they were effective in getting their points across

Some in the MSM are already saying that the Bernie serge is about to hit a brick wall in that the liberal base is not ready for a socialist.  Problem with that theory is Bernie's message is exactly what all democrats should be looking to put into play.  With Bernie using ta different style of organizing than most, similar to Howard Dean and he had a great organization.   The MSM  set out to get rid of him and they were successful.  Watch carefully, they will try to do the same to Bernie, it's up to you and me to stop them.

The republican opposition whose programs are for the  most part poured from the same boot with little change from the 08 and the 12 campaigns.  Bernie and O'Malley are offering new programs for the first time in a very long time, something the other side has not done.

The republican of the moment Donald Trump riding the illegal immigration chant, drawing large screaming crowd once again riding the one trick pony.  He is rich enough to fund his own circus show which I predict will not run longer than three ring circuses.  The electorate knows little of what Trump's plans are, we do know he wants to build a huge wall the full length of the border and he will have Mexico pay for it.  It's plans like these that make him my laughing stock of the week.

Friday, July 17, 2015


There are lots of folks out their say Bernie is too extreme to be elected president.  If that is so why are they running scared on both sides of the aisle.  Democratic big wigs are scarred, their queen will not be crowned and the republicans because even their base is taking a liking to Bernie.  Two town halls in Texas this weekend had to be moved to larger venues to accommodate the huge requests for tickets.  Texas mind you , the headquarters for republicans.  If they loose Texas they are toast, they are probably toast anyway . So far none of the candidates have any new proposals , just the same old cut taxes for corporations, kill Obama care, kill Social programs..  Hard to see with a game plan like that how they will win the presidency.  It could cost them the majority in both houses.  Nobody working man if they think at all will vote republican.  All I admit the public has shown they will vote against their own interest based on a few old time hang ups.  They don't like gays, they want to deport non documented folks, build huge walls and other old time hates.

Elizabeth Warren  came out today listing the what goals she thinks the next president should pursue and here the list.  Bernie can go down his list and check off every one of her goals and adds a few more of his own.

The question remains can Bernie with limited funds beat maybe a billion dollar opposition from two sides (at least) .  Given the sorry state of the other candidates plans might just make the money not matter.  Yeah, yeah I know that might be a dream, but without dreams we have only depression left.
You can make money not matter , put on your thinking cap and look at your choices, if your human, have kids, love what your country could once again become, and want to have hope once again.  You control the outcome simply by casting your vote for Bernie.


I have previously complained about what I perceived to be the state of our education systems clean through college.  I thought it might be the fact that am an old geezer set in his ways unwilling to accept change.

Others from employers to colleges complaining that they have to teach basic skills to their entry students.  I have often thought that going backwards to standards of yesteryear would do better than what we do now.

Take a lot at this 1912 eighth grade graduation test.  I doubt many high schoolers could pass this test.
Educators take note there might be something in this piece that will be a clue to you.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Gee what a surprise, I have been sitting here waiting for the ax to fall.  Pension plans across the country have been ripped apart by the austerity minded republicans.  I guess they haven't peeked at what's happening in the EU with there enacting time and time again austerity package after austerity, with no effect. Yet they drive country after country into bankruptcy.

Now it's us Federal Employee benefit that are under the ax.The republican 2016 budget cuts roughly a 6 % cut plus changes to their payment to health care benefits.
One cut laid out is to reduce the interest rate on the G fund which is a government bond fund that employees can contribute which currently returns 2.8% which they intend to reduce to .8 percent. I don't see how this can be legal.  It's a bond fund and it's return is what it is ,not adjusted to the whim of congress.


The following link PREDICTS JUST THAT.  Can he be right?  I have been calling for melt down for a very long time. The truth is I have only predicted one crash and that was 2008.   Something Bernie Sanders said the other day lends to this tale , when he said perhaps growth forever is not doable.  He is right of course for many reasons but simplifying it down to a simple fact by forever seeking growth we are asking a planet to support such an idea with limited resources.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that is an impossible task.

The writer takes the average citizen to task for using 10 hours of media a day , I felt like he was pointing his finger directly at me.  I don't keep track of my hours but I do spend a lot of time pursing the truth of happenings in the world. If one wants to know what is really going on you have to do a lot of surfing.  You won't get any important stuff from MSM they are merely propaganda machines concentrating on the government and on whatever plane crash or major killing event. If they get a good one they will do almost nothing but that story, sometimes  for weeks.  So if you want the truth of whats happening in the world you have to spend the time.

If there is a major crash WILL IT CHANGE OUR LIVES COMPLETELY?  There's the question we should work on.  The last great depression brought about major changes in the way we do business.  People suffered mightily and over a 10 year period many things changed.  For a while things started to improve, then the conservatives had their way and austerity programs were passed that immediately killed the  recovery.

So what are the odds for a downturn described in the link.  Many factors that you already know guide you to say HELL YES a major downturn is coming.  In a world of total market manipulation you see stock prices through the roof a level you know is false and cannot be maintained.  Margin debt is reaching a critical point same as 29.  The banks are holding close to 800 trillion in derivatives  while having something in the range of 10 trillion in assets, how could anything go wrong? With wages falling for decades and good jobs disappearing for years the consumer who is the backbone of our economy doesn't have the means to prop up the market.  I keep wondering just what the hell the 1% are doing , seems to me like they are killing the goosed that laid the golden egg.

With world economics being what they are, with the EU crumbling under severe austerity, the US struggling to grow, the world financial matter in  at turmoil with the BRIC nations setting up  a separate financial system putting the dollar as reserve currency in jeoprady. The odds for a perfect financial storm seem to be pretty short odds.

Will a crash of major proportions occur? I believe that it is almost impossible for it to not crash all the signs are there.  Keep in mind The US coup in Ukraine with the goal of dragging Russia into a war smacks of 1941 all over again.  Time will tell so hold on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Well just read his speech before The Annual convention of LaRaza in which he laid out his a lot of his program. They say he got twice the applause that Hillary received.  Read it and see why Mr. Sanders is your only choice .

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Our behavior on  the world stage leaves something be desired.  It has resulted in China and Russia forming a whole new economic world bypassing the IMF and World Bank allowing them to pursue their own economic agenda.  A huge pursuit it is too, a high speed rail system, coupled with sea routes, and roads to connect all the new partners.

Looking at the state of the EU today and Latin America of the  1980's shows you the effect of IMF and World Bank loans on the destruction of those countries and causing in a lot of cases a revolution throwing out the rascals who caused them all their pain.

And yet we still instigate coups to unseat people who don't march to Washington's drums.  We for awhile were concentrating on limiting China's influence on the world stage but then we switched to aiming at Russia.  The end result is a joining of forces and forming a whole new economic system.  If successful will greatly reduce our influence on about half the world.  It has a decent chance of usurping the dollar as the world currency.  Many have speculated what exactly the effect on the US would be if they lost reserve currency status.

Time will tell if they will be successful.


The US is messing with Russia's internal politics by starting a campaign to oust Putin  within two years.  We are telling the oligarchs that they will be better off with Putin gone.

The campaign might have a hard row to hoe with Putin enjoying 90% approval from the mass of Russians who are doing much better now under Putin.

Putin in response passed a new NGO law tightening regulations on their organisations by keeping placing reporting rules that they must follow.   We have such a bad track with the coup's we have run in the past you have to wonder how we plan to be successful this time.

Some say this preempts our Tip to Asia and returns us to concentrating on overthrowing Putin.  Perhaps it is time to mind our own business.  We have turned most of the ME into hell holes of conflict basically destroying country after country at great costs to the US taxpayers and blood letting of far too many or our young men.

This administration's foreign reminds me of a chicken with it's head cut off running around throwing blood on everything in it's way.  I think it's time for us to learn. GO ALONG TO GET ALONG.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Bernie train is has started his chugging up the election hill , while pundits say he might win but will never be president.  You can listen to these folk if you choose but keep in mind they have been wrong so many times in recent years you could almost bet they are wrong just by looking  at their record.

A lot of of little guys out here are shoveling coal into the   Bernie engine chanting YES YOU CAN, YES YOU CAN.   Pundits saying he can't fellow democrats (O'Malley) are already attacking him and most republicans are shaking in their boots when they see the crowds coming out to here the man they barely know say the things they really want to here.  HERE'S A SAMPLE of what they are hearing .

Take what you are hearing any look at Bernie's track record during many years in congress, what you find is the man acts like he talks , he is always for us little guys.  After 30 years of republicans taking the working man to the cleaners , with the help of some democrats  , here we sit a nation of low wage workers, loosing pensions, loosing health care, loosing jobs, loosing homes, loosing families , loosing a way of life our father fought and died for .  All taken away by a congress bought and paid for by corporate money and big fat cats.

A problem you won't have if Bernie is president.  He doesn't take corporate money and won't be influenced by their lobbyists.  Keep in mind that a president by himself cannot just mandate all he wants to do , we have to give him  a congress that will work with him, something that has not been done for Obama.

Many who claim they love Bernie say he will never be president , because the country isn't ready for a socialist.  The time is not right for such a big switch.

I say  "IF NOT NOW , WHEN".  Assume for a minute that Bernie ends up the democratic nominee .  Then bounce his plans against any of the multitude of republican candidates and tell me you'll vote for any republican  over Bernie.  What your telling me by saying that you are ready to vote against your interests and quite possibly your future.  Now I know some of you in the past have done just that keying on a few key issues as your only reason for voting for that person.  Be it gay right, gun rights, abortion or god , they get your vote .

Many polls say Bernie can topple Hillary but will not be president.  A crack in their armor.. When Bernie beats Hillary and he will because she is bought and paid for by big money , has been on the wrong side of so many key votes, got sucked into voting for two wars and generally sided with the business side of the world.  Hell she hasn't even driven a car in 20 years, how could she possibly know what is important to the little guy.

The Huff  Post says Bernie can win both the general election and the electoral college votes simply because he is on the right side of so many arguments that most of the people are already on, while the other side dishes out heaping helping of the same ole thing, cut everything , taxes, Social Security , Medicare, Medical, privatize pensions, more military spending increases, more wars more of everything we need no more of.

For once in your life, get your thinking cap on and decide what you as an individual need now and in the future. There is no way if you think about yourself you will be unable to vote republican as they offer you more of the things that are not working for the masses.  If you can't vote republican I can only hope you get a chance to vote for Bernie, if not prepare for more of the same.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A  POLITICAL REVOLUTION is the theme of Bernie Sanders campaign and when you read this interview  you'll see he is damn serious about just that.   His goals are clearly different than anyone is this race and reach to all levels of society.  He will be called a Socialist by many and that is fine with him and with me .  No matter what you call it the programs he wants to implement will turn this country around and we all know that.

The republican Clown Bus is loaded with folks who all are about the same kind of programs touting the same party line they have been using for 30+ years.  Yep more tax cuts, cut social security, cut Medicare and Medical , more testing in schools, more war, more defense spending.  same ole, same ole.

There is no one on the left with more program ideas than Bernie, most will take PAC money or money from big business and will have up to a billion or two to fight Bernie.  Won't do them any good if you start paying attention now.  Dig deep and give Bernie a buck or two and if enough of us play he can win.

Look around you folks, our country and our world is falling apart and the fat lady is singing.  Extreme weather from storms to drought , water shortages , floods, dying oceans, melting glaciers , huge earthquakes and wars.

We can't keep doing the things we are doing and expect to come out alive.  Many on the right won't admit to climate change  and particularly that man is contributing to the decline and some on the left won't cop to being part of the problem. When 90+ percent of scientists say global warming is a fact and that man plays a part in causing  it.  But that is not enough for those nay Sayers who refuse to believe their lying eyes.

  • Bernie deserves for you to give his campaign a hard look, I am convinced you won't find much to disagree with and could support him to give him  shot.  If bravery is one on the characteristics you crave in a candidate then BERNIE IS YOUR MAN

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Take a good look at the two graphs above.  Then tell me how the unemployment rate continues to fall to the present low.  My math can't make this true.

Shadow stats agrees with me check out this graph and you will see that unemployment has hardly changed at a high of 23%.  It has hardly move in 5 years.  


Coming in around 600 billion a year budget that is 54% of discretionary spending a figure that you would think (since that is more than the next 10 nations spend on defense.  So one would thing we have the biggest and baddest force on the planet.  Turns out that some of the high dollar pet projects are turning out to be ineffective at best and way to expensive.  The total program costs of 1.5 trillion dollars (this will surely be more , it always is.  That comes in at 100million a copy.

For that amount of money you would expect to get a fist rate , kick ass machine, but instead what we currently have is a flying piece of junk.  The latest dog fight between the 35 and an ancient F16 loaded down to give the unweaponed 35 a chance to win.  So another rigged test that failed to prove the worth of the 35.  Cannons that won't shot, cockpits that are too small, radar that can't detect, under-powered and sluggish ,with computer systems that are unreliable. The end analysis this plane should not attack any plane in sight for it will loose.  

All hands know that this plane will never make the grade of the best fighter in the air.  A position we held with the F16 and 18  will never be attained by the 35.  Yet on we plunge producing a one hundred dollar piece of junk.

The ship has been deemed unsurvivable in combat and at the low low price of 670 million a copy we are not getting much bang for the buck , the second version LS2 comes in at the low low price of 800 million a copy.

The LS1 has been deemed  survivable in combat. With guns that don't work.radar that doesn't detect, helicopters to weak to pull the towed array, engine failures, hull that cracks on a regular basis . The problems with this ship are evident but on we plunge to build many more.  

The packages (3) that change the mission of the ship have ended up like most multi function machines this ship does none of the 3 missions well.  So it seems we have bought another pig in the poke. 

While we insist on building hugely expensive pieces of junk Russia on the other hand has made a  decision to build some impressive weapons.  A submarine that cannot be detected when submerged verified by the US makes this a dangerous weapon.  Which points out why talking about a first strike nuclear attack and impossible survivable mission .

According to various sources Russia has built a new fighter jet that is touted as the best fighter plane in the world capable of defeating anything in the air.  New missiles, new tanks, and other new machinery make them a formidable enemy.  

So the question remains how can we spend ten times the money and end up with ineffective gear that puts our troops in danger of loosing yet another war.  With a better use of funds and a changed world view of what we should be doing we could cut the military budget in half, spending the savings on rebuilding our collapsing infrastructure .  Closing many of our bases scattered throughout the world would be a good start.  Designing of our next line of fighting machines need to be thought out before building the thing.     

I recommend that our glorious leaders take a look at how far our adversaries have advanced their military capability.  This kind of talk needs to be stomped down and those stupid enough to say "let's do a first strike nuke attack on Russia" need to be drummed out of the service.  The big stick these fools are waving around in nothing but a little twig, they need to recognize this act accordingly.   

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Because Bernie is on a roll and overtaking her advantage quickly.  As the beat goes on he will do better and better.  It is thought that his democratic opponents are furiously digging up dirt on Bernie and of course they will stretch the truth.  I encourage all to take a good long look at Bernie and send him some money if you like what you see.  It might be a long shot but it is the only shot we have of fixing this country.  Bernie drew 10,000  people to a rally in Wisconsin.