Friday, July 17, 2015


I have previously complained about what I perceived to be the state of our education systems clean through college.  I thought it might be the fact that am an old geezer set in his ways unwilling to accept change.

Others from employers to colleges complaining that they have to teach basic skills to their entry students.  I have often thought that going backwards to standards of yesteryear would do better than what we do now.

Take a lot at this 1912 eighth grade graduation test.  I doubt many high schoolers could pass this test.
Educators take note there might be something in this piece that will be a clue to you.

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  1. What you say is true. Many college professors are upset because students are taught how to plug into the corporate system and not how to be "thinkers."

    I read all the classics in high school. Books that made you think of your moral duties to society and our place in nature. Not any more. We can do something about this immediately. Talk to our children's teachers. Make sure it is part of our home school curriculum. I home schooled for many years and my daughter was always years ahead of the local school.
    It is my experience that there are a lot of great young teachers who are suppressed by top heavy administration. ~Heidi