Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Our behavior on  the world stage leaves something be desired.  It has resulted in China and Russia forming a whole new economic world bypassing the IMF and World Bank allowing them to pursue their own economic agenda.  A huge pursuit it is too, a high speed rail system, coupled with sea routes, and roads to connect all the new partners.

Looking at the state of the EU today and Latin America of the  1980's shows you the effect of IMF and World Bank loans on the destruction of those countries and causing in a lot of cases a revolution throwing out the rascals who caused them all their pain.

And yet we still instigate coups to unseat people who don't march to Washington's drums.  We for awhile were concentrating on limiting China's influence on the world stage but then we switched to aiming at Russia.  The end result is a joining of forces and forming a whole new economic system.  If successful will greatly reduce our influence on about half the world.  It has a decent chance of usurping the dollar as the world currency.  Many have speculated what exactly the effect on the US would be if they lost reserve currency status.

Time will tell if they will be successful.


  1. I'm hoping the Iran deal is a new beginning.

  2. Drunken driving is a good title. I would add bully. It is as if our leaders are drunken bullies driving (swerving) around looking for trouble and being rude to all the neighbors.
    Antagonizing Russia and China?! How the hell does that further the welfare of the U.S. citizenry? time to throw the corporate henchmen (we call them politicians) out of the government all over the U.S. starting with the Presidency,Congress and Supreme Court. What Bernie Sanders calls a political revolution.
    Things feel different around the world. I think the people are waking up and we can do this.