Thursday, July 23, 2015


A report today by the Social Security Trust fund that the system is solvent and will remain so till the end of this century at least.  I think every republican would like you to believe that it isn't and vote for them so they can cut your throat.  Damn near every bill that makes it to the floor has a hidden phrase cutting SS or some other social program.

I would like to suggest that if you even consider voting one of these idiots into the presidency you had better take a trip to your favorite shrink to find out why your thinking is so screwed up.

The Trustees did say that the disability fund is underfunded as it has been in the past and is easily fixed if we just had sane people running the country.  We don't and the slate candidates running for the presidency save one (Sanders) wants to slice the social programs while raising the defense budget (which is already insane) some more.

From the head clown Trump down thru the candidates including Hillary are out after our benefits , including us retired civil servants....  Keep in mind that our civil servants run some of the most efficient programs going. Not all of them of course , but SS ,Medicare and except for a few examples If the VA was properly funded they could easily be on the list as well.

The common man has only one choice if they desire to save their own asses and that is to vote for Bernie Sanders as the only way to save us commoners.

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