Friday, July 17, 2015


There are lots of folks out their say Bernie is too extreme to be elected president.  If that is so why are they running scared on both sides of the aisle.  Democratic big wigs are scarred, their queen will not be crowned and the republicans because even their base is taking a liking to Bernie.  Two town halls in Texas this weekend had to be moved to larger venues to accommodate the huge requests for tickets.  Texas mind you , the headquarters for republicans.  If they loose Texas they are toast, they are probably toast anyway . So far none of the candidates have any new proposals , just the same old cut taxes for corporations, kill Obama care, kill Social programs..  Hard to see with a game plan like that how they will win the presidency.  It could cost them the majority in both houses.  Nobody working man if they think at all will vote republican.  All I admit the public has shown they will vote against their own interest based on a few old time hang ups.  They don't like gays, they want to deport non documented folks, build huge walls and other old time hates.

Elizabeth Warren  came out today listing the what goals she thinks the next president should pursue and here the list.  Bernie can go down his list and check off every one of her goals and adds a few more of his own.

The question remains can Bernie with limited funds beat maybe a billion dollar opposition from two sides (at least) .  Given the sorry state of the other candidates plans might just make the money not matter.  Yeah, yeah I know that might be a dream, but without dreams we have only depression left.
You can make money not matter , put on your thinking cap and look at your choices, if your human, have kids, love what your country could once again become, and want to have hope once again.  You control the outcome simply by casting your vote for Bernie.

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  1. Less people are saying that now. Look at the crowds of enthusiastic people coming to see him : ) Hillary Clinton has noticed and is pretending to be a progressive. In her case of course once she was elected she would do the bidding of the banks that bankrolled her campaign.
    Times have changed. Eminent world financial collapse, the undeclared depression in the U.S., the ecological collapse world wide. People feel it and I think enough people in the U.S. have awaken to the situation that they will elect someone that has earned their trust. If you haven't already, please look at his 30+ years of standing up for the little guy, the minorities, women, etc. A vote for Bernie is a vote for the environment and the "little people". ~Heidi
    P.S. I am handing out pamphlets for Bernie with a friend tonight. We need him to win the Democratic nomination.