Monday, July 20, 2015


While the EU burns our republicans fiddle with more austerity.  The leadership is once again looking to cut all social programs.  They want to turn Social Security into a voucher program, medicare medical too and just recently in the 16 budget they are going after civil service retirement and health care.

Now Ben Carson has slipped a cog or two by agreeing to attend   Rev Carson's attempt to start a new national program.  His main claim to fame is that he believes "all gays should be killed" and us liberals are turning our kids into homosexuals with movies and "girl scout cookies".  I can't even classify that as crazy  it's more like insane.  If Carson intends to be president he better dump folks like the pastor quick.

Crazy seems to run deep in the  republican camp.  They all have a few nuts loose and can't get out of the rut they are in.

However both camps are playing loose with our lives.  The republicans and some democrats fail to understand what is driving the EU problem and it is really simple , austerity programs just make the problem worse and worse.  Greece is the first to look they will have to fold their cards and eventually the EU will have to really reduce their deficit by writing it down to a payable level.  So  the republicans 2016 budget contains what, more austerity for social programs but give defense a huge boost.

Speaking of defense our Secretary of Defense is still preparing for war with Iran and saying so in public.  They just can't lay their guns down.  Obama sends weapons to the crazy Nazi's of Ukraine, stirs the pot with China and  Russia , threatens a first strike nuclear war, drones half the world while stomping around stirring the pot wherever he can.

2016 elections hopefully will give us a chance to place people in power with a different way of doing business.  At the present time only one man meets my criteria for president and that is Bernie Sanders.  All of MSM and political pundits say Bernie does not have a chance of winning.  Apparently the people haven't gotten the word yet and hopefully they won't and Bernie will become president.  It could happen but you have to help.

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  1. I hadn't heard anything about this nut job Carson.
    You are so right about austerity. The unelected bankers running our country behind the scenes, like CITI-bank (Elizabeth Warren just outed them) and Goldman sachs lend countries money. They lend them money they KNOW they can't pay back. Then, with a slight of hand, the banksters get paid off by the corrupt governments and all of a sudden the debt is owed by the people of the U.S. and Europe. It is the same bankster scam as the predatory sketchy loans that brought down the U.S. economy in 2008.

    These same banksters now demand to be paid back for predatory loans by starving the citizens of countries they duped.
    "First, jail all the bankers". Okay, so I played with Shakespeare, but this is somewhat solvable. We erase all predatory debt and jail all the guilty banksters. For fun, I say we jail the millionaires who profited by privatizing prisons in their own prisons. : ) that would be a good day. ~Heidi