Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Trying to even contemplate a Trump presidency makes me shudder.  Speaking of loose lips sink ships that's a picture of Donald Trump.

It's hard to figure why the conservative side of things is looking at him as the cat's meow , that seems to who they flock to in the early stages of the cycle.  Remember 2012 the republicans had  a flavor of the week for months , I expect this cycle to produce the same kind of event.  Trump will run for awhile at the front but sooner or later the republicans will catch on that he is just a con man out to take the country for a ride.

If I hear one more time Trump tells me how much money he has I am going to puke.  I don't care how much money he has or how he got it. I wanna hear what he has for plans of fixing the country . So far he hasn't shown me any cards.

Sooner or later the republicans are going to wake up and shit can ole Donald to the trash heap. Surely out of the 16 or so they have to choose from they can come up with a better offering than Trump.

Meantime on the democratic side of things Hillary is fading fast while  Bernie gains traction.  Hillary is damn near hiding from the press and so far has not caught fire.


  1. Actually, I hope the pubs promote this joker until his $$ cards are trumped.
    Hopefully, the world and maybe even a few of the pubs will see that this trumpet is just a blow hard whose words with cause them a lot of blues.
    Once people see what and who the pubs stand for and support it should be a Royal Flush of the Repubs for the Democrats.
    Hopefully Bernie can show the public and the other nations that he is playing with a full deck and not with just a bunch of jokers.

  2. The thing about clowns is that they're funny. I'm enjoying the show!