Friday, July 24, 2015


Israel recently bulldozed 450 10 year old olive trees bringing the to total destroyed since 1967 to 800,000 .  Supposedly the Israeli courts granted them the authority to grab the land.  Along with the trees a well that has existed since Roman times was filled in,  so much for history.  All this to build more settlements pushing the Palestinians ever closer to the sea.

It time for the world courts to whip Israel into line and start acting like a non rapist state.  Ripping the Palestinians   land , deporting 8000 African to keep the race pure sounds a lot like the Nazis they hate so much.   Acting like them doesn't do much for their world image.

They get away with these acts because the world is afraid of being critical if their action, no matter how atrocious their acts are, because the minute you do they say your anti semantic.  So be it, I'm calling their hand in this act and many others that have preceded it.

If I were president the huge amount of aide we send them yearly would be cut off. I would also tear up the mutual defense treaty and let them stew in their own juices.

If you object to this post then do something to make it not necessary to post things like this.  


  1. Powerful post. It is a case of the little bully with his much bigger brother behind him. Little bully's ongoing mistreatment of the Palestinians keeps the hate for the big brother continually simmering. What a tragedy. Tying Israel's aid to their treatment of the Palestinians would be a good start. ~Heidi

  2. Yes, the Israelies seem to want to make up for the fighting and resistance that the Jews did not exhibit during the world wars. Now they exhibit the same inhumane operations against their closet neighbor. Just goes to prove the old saying religious wars seem to never end.