Wednesday, July 8, 2015


A  POLITICAL REVOLUTION is the theme of Bernie Sanders campaign and when you read this interview  you'll see he is damn serious about just that.   His goals are clearly different than anyone is this race and reach to all levels of society.  He will be called a Socialist by many and that is fine with him and with me .  No matter what you call it the programs he wants to implement will turn this country around and we all know that.

The republican Clown Bus is loaded with folks who all are about the same kind of programs touting the same party line they have been using for 30+ years.  Yep more tax cuts, cut social security, cut Medicare and Medical , more testing in schools, more war, more defense spending.  same ole, same ole.

There is no one on the left with more program ideas than Bernie, most will take PAC money or money from big business and will have up to a billion or two to fight Bernie.  Won't do them any good if you start paying attention now.  Dig deep and give Bernie a buck or two and if enough of us play he can win.

Look around you folks, our country and our world is falling apart and the fat lady is singing.  Extreme weather from storms to drought , water shortages , floods, dying oceans, melting glaciers , huge earthquakes and wars.

We can't keep doing the things we are doing and expect to come out alive.  Many on the right won't admit to climate change  and particularly that man is contributing to the decline and some on the left won't cop to being part of the problem. When 90+ percent of scientists say global warming is a fact and that man plays a part in causing  it.  But that is not enough for those nay Sayers who refuse to believe their lying eyes.

  • Bernie deserves for you to give his campaign a hard look, I am convinced you won't find much to disagree with and could support him to give him  shot.  If bravery is one on the characteristics you crave in a candidate then BERNIE IS YOUR MAN


  1. Bernie Sanders was right when he said we need a political revolution, not just an election where we pick one of the billionaire's candidates. Who would of thought Greece would elect the government they did AND stand behind them ? : )

    In order for him to win, it has to be the people talking to each other as you just did and ask who is talking for you and who is talking for the billionaires? I sent $10.00 I want someone fighting for the environment and the working class.

    Thanks for this article.