Sunday, July 19, 2015


Drawing huge crowds in Texas and Arizona Bernie shows the people of the south are ready to listen a man way outside  their  normal comfort zone.

The MSM was absent of course they are not giving Bernie a shot at winning , why should we take their word on anything.  Just consider how they handled the Iraq war, the economy, the crooked banksters, essentially they lied.  Wherever Bernie goes large crowds have gathered so many in fact that he has been forced to move his appearances to larger halls. The people are responding to his message which for any thinking man contains much of what we have been crying for but did not obtain the last 30+years.

Differences in management styles between Hillary and Bernie are already seeping to the surface.  Hillary is trying to micromanage her campaign, not answering questions , structured meetings, very few policy statement have been made, basically being as aloof as a presidential candidate can be. On the other hand Bernie talking to his grass root organizers that he had no intention on telling them how to run the campaign in their home state as they no better than him what they need in their state.  Don't now about you , but that's the kind of leadership I believe in and have practiced in all my leadership positions.  People work their asses off if they have input into the product.

Bernie and O'Malley showed up at NETROOT NATIONS and both were treated rather rudely by an unruly crowd shouting down the candidates where it became difficult to listen .  Both men struggled to get thorough their presentations.  Too bad those angry black folk couldn't shut up and listen to their message, both of whom would do much to help their communities.  Their outbursts reminded my of early tea party rallies .  Needless to say I don't think they were effective in getting their points across

Some in the MSM are already saying that the Bernie serge is about to hit a brick wall in that the liberal base is not ready for a socialist.  Problem with that theory is Bernie's message is exactly what all democrats should be looking to put into play.  With Bernie using ta different style of organizing than most, similar to Howard Dean and he had a great organization.   The MSM  set out to get rid of him and they were successful.  Watch carefully, they will try to do the same to Bernie, it's up to you and me to stop them.

The republican opposition whose programs are for the  most part poured from the same boot with little change from the 08 and the 12 campaigns.  Bernie and O'Malley are offering new programs for the first time in a very long time, something the other side has not done.

The republican of the moment Donald Trump riding the illegal immigration chant, drawing large screaming crowd once again riding the one trick pony.  He is rich enough to fund his own circus show which I predict will not run longer than three ring circuses.  The electorate knows little of what Trump's plans are, we do know he wants to build a huge wall the full length of the border and he will have Mexico pay for it.  It's plans like these that make him my laughing stock of the week.

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