Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Bernie train is has started his chugging up the election hill , while pundits say he might win but will never be president.  You can listen to these folk if you choose but keep in mind they have been wrong so many times in recent years you could almost bet they are wrong just by looking  at their record.

A lot of of little guys out here are shoveling coal into the   Bernie engine chanting YES YOU CAN, YES YOU CAN.   Pundits saying he can't fellow democrats (O'Malley) are already attacking him and most republicans are shaking in their boots when they see the crowds coming out to here the man they barely know say the things they really want to here.  HERE'S A SAMPLE of what they are hearing .

Take what you are hearing any look at Bernie's track record during many years in congress, what you find is the man acts like he talks , he is always for us little guys.  After 30 years of republicans taking the working man to the cleaners , with the help of some democrats  , here we sit a nation of low wage workers, loosing pensions, loosing health care, loosing jobs, loosing homes, loosing families , loosing a way of life our father fought and died for .  All taken away by a congress bought and paid for by corporate money and big fat cats.

A problem you won't have if Bernie is president.  He doesn't take corporate money and won't be influenced by their lobbyists.  Keep in mind that a president by himself cannot just mandate all he wants to do , we have to give him  a congress that will work with him, something that has not been done for Obama.

Many who claim they love Bernie say he will never be president , because the country isn't ready for a socialist.  The time is not right for such a big switch.

I say  "IF NOT NOW , WHEN".  Assume for a minute that Bernie ends up the democratic nominee .  Then bounce his plans against any of the multitude of republican candidates and tell me you'll vote for any republican  over Bernie.  What your telling me by saying that you are ready to vote against your interests and quite possibly your future.  Now I know some of you in the past have done just that keying on a few key issues as your only reason for voting for that person.  Be it gay right, gun rights, abortion or god , they get your vote .

Many polls say Bernie can topple Hillary but will not be president.  A crack in their armor.. When Bernie beats Hillary and he will because she is bought and paid for by big money , has been on the wrong side of so many key votes, got sucked into voting for two wars and generally sided with the business side of the world.  Hell she hasn't even driven a car in 20 years, how could she possibly know what is important to the little guy.

The Huff  Post says Bernie can win both the general election and the electoral college votes simply because he is on the right side of so many arguments that most of the people are already on, while the other side dishes out heaping helping of the same ole thing, cut everything , taxes, Social Security , Medicare, Medical, privatize pensions, more military spending increases, more wars more of everything we need no more of.

For once in your life, get your thinking cap on and decide what you as an individual need now and in the future. There is no way if you think about yourself you will be unable to vote republican as they offer you more of the things that are not working for the masses.  If you can't vote republican I can only hope you get a chance to vote for Bernie, if not prepare for more of the same.


  1. Wow. Well said!
    He does seem to be picking up a lot of momentum. One (of the many things) I like about him is he has a long track record of being straight with the people and being for the people. In these shaky times I don't want to put faith in somebody who tells me what I want to hear and then follows the corporate donors wishes when elected.

  2. So far the gop hasn't started the mud flinging about Bernie. Maybe they can't find any! Can it be true that Bernie will be a people's candidate and not a corporate puppet? Let's hope so and hope that the voters will vote for him.