Monday, November 23, 2015


Our government flat ass lies to us and our beloved MSM blindly repeats the lies over and over for weeks at a time. Leaving us poor ole citizens out here scrambling to find the truth.

Actually this is getting easier all the time,if the government is telling the story you can bet it is not the truth.  Here is a story that's a perfect example of what I am talking about.. Days ago Russia bombers blew up 500 oil tankers (film provided)  belonging to ISIS and a few days later PBS our great public broadcaster showing Russia planes doing the bombing and giving the credit to the US.

To cover up their lack of truthfulness they point the finger at any news source telling a different than the company line.  They site RT and Russian Insider as propaganda platforms when the pointer should be at  themselves .

What started out as 24 hour news channel with the launch of CNN and did actual news.  Along comes MSNBC and Fox and eventually they were forced to become propaganda unit a mere extension of government spin.  Is it no wonder so many people have turned  away from news and politics , when all you are fed by both is propaganda.  

There is a ray of hope out there and Bernie Sanders is that hope.  He tells it like it is and has fixes for most of what is wrong.  If he can wake up enough of you he can win but only if you wake up.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


BERNIE in an hour long speech explains what Democratic Socialist  means to him.  If you have ever been curious as to his intentions this  is the piece you need to watch.  What you will find if you can be honest he wants what most of us want.  If you can get past the Socialist label you will find most of it had been in place since FDR's time and worked just fine till the republicans took control and set out to eliminate a lot of his programs.  Just think back to 2008 when the economics hit the fan and the crash of 08 caused so much pain to  so many.

You have a choice so think deep.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Virtually all the major network talking heads gave the 2nd debate to Hillary, the problem is these polls conducted by some major print news sources say Bernie on by huge margins.

The Royal factor of the democratic party have been planning Hillary's coronation for a very long time and just because the people don't seem to agree with them has them working overtime to shout over the real results.

I watched every minute of every debate for both sides and just one candidate has articulated his plans for the country in great detail on his websites while the others push ink around and say little.  Hillary to me is just uninspiring , no fire, no real new plans, a reluctance to batter the Wall Street punks who are pouring money into her campaign.  Only 17% of her donations come from small contributions not the 60% she sited in yesterday's debate.   Shaking her finger at Wall Street crooks I am sure has them quaking in their boots.

O'Malley did quite well last night but according to the good polls picked up very little support.  I suspect he will bow out before too long as the money isn't flowing in to keep him afloat.

Audience reactions to the candidates answers indicated to me that they were way more attuned to what Sanders was saying and seemed to be taken back by some of Hillary's answers.

So we just have to ignore the Pro Hillary talking heads and follow our hearts.  If you are as stupid as Trump thinks you are and you make Hillary your candidate you can count on not getting my vote. Simply take a look at Hillary's economic team and you'll see an OBAMA 3 PRESIDENCY.  WE DON'T NEED OBAMA 3.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


At least according to Stephen Hawkings the noted Astro Physicist  speaks out of his field but is absolutely correct.  For years I have been fretting over robots taking over most jobs leaving exactly what for humans.  A good question but not the right one to ask.  We should be asking how can we get Capitalist to share the wealth and could make the once promised loads of leisure time come to pass.   To that they thumb their noses at the masses and keep the money for theirselves and their shareholders.

This seems to be their master plan , as jobs once done by humans now are done by computers supposedly better , faster and most important cheaper.  We watch as jobs are shifted to ever lower wage countries and finally end up being made by robots.  

A quick look around the world shows the early effect of this plan..  The world is shutting down, the world of commodities is heading to the pricing bottom indicating not much is being made and not much is being bought.  Could that possible be the effect of all these low wage workers don't have excess money to buy all the gadgets these robots are throwing at us.

Institutions created 75 years ago and were solvent are presently said to be failing when simple fixes are out there but the rich folk of the world would rather sit on all the money while raking in more and more placing bets on vehicles of little real value is this world and shouldn't be in the market at all.

Much of the talk about this pension fund or social program is going broke is made possible by using twisted math to prove their point. One of the things I have discovered in my research is these wiz kids are using algorithms looking out 30 years or so when truth be told they can't even tell you when the next market crash is going to happen.  They have proved that their math is flawed when look at recent records of the hedge funds making wrong bets on the market movement   of all kinds of commodities from interest rates, to wheat, rice, oil, gold and just about every commodity out there.

It's not the robots we should be scared of it's the capitalists that build these machines  and keep all the profits in their and theirs pockets.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


In 2008 we blew a big Commercial Real Estate bubble today we are blowing and even bigger bubble.
Fortunately a large part of this market has been bought by foreign investors as they did last time so I guess we shouldn't feel to sorry for them..  It will crash and it will be a big deal, perhaps the prices might actually fall to prices that common folk will be able to afford.  


Another fundamentalist preacher has gone off the deep end.  I don't know how much longer we can continue to allow these whack jobs to run around saying anything they damn well feel like saying.

The latest event a preacher says it would be better to drown you kid rather than let them read Harry Potter because of the gay influences in the books.  Pastor Kevin Swanson started this church in 2001 so it can be considered a new take on  an old religion.  Fundamentalists of all persuasions go off deep end on many subjects but going so far as to suggest that it would be better to drown your kid rather than let them read Harry Potter because his friend Dumbledore is gay.  Oh WOW he's gay and so will you  be if you read the books.

I often think you have flushed all the crazies out of the woodwork but there is always some new kook that surfaces proclaiming he speaks for Jesus.  Freedom of speech is one thing but shooting your mouth off proclaiming bad things will happen if you don't follow his words.

There are about 300 members of this church and I suggest we send them to Mars to establish their own country, of course they will die in the attempt making our world a better place.

Three nut job republican presidential candidates attended this forum and answered questions and answers from the crowd.  For my money these guys should not be allowed to run if this is the way they think their God wants them to be.  sick, sick. sick.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Everybody worries about inflation so the government is very careful to hide the real cost of doing business and of course the corporations never cease in finding ways to stick it to us.

This little gimmick has been around for a few years mostly unnoticed.  Till you pick up something with a known weight memory (like 5# of sugar) that now seems suspiciously lite, perhaps because it is only 4# now at the same ole price 20% inflation at best.  Bacon use to be 1  pound now it's twelve ounces.  Many other items have been reduced in size and have went mostly unnoticed.  

On top of that if you take a peak at commodity charts what you will find is damn near every commodity it at or approaching low  points on their graphs.  Then you might ask yourself why the hell the price you pay at the store for damn near everything is at all time highs.  The only exception in the stores I shop are the price of chicken..

While the producers are paying low bucks for their ingredients they are charging us at all time highs on most things,  while downsizing their containers and maintaining the prices where they were when you got a pound of thing.  I would guess that for food stuffs inflation is running somewhere in the neighborhood of 30%.  The two of us today spend more money for food while eating less.  That might be the one advantage of growing old , as you get older your appetite gets smaller.

One can only wonder how a young family with kids gets buy on the 30K half of the nation makes.  When we were a young family everything was made from scratch and a lot of hamburger was served, milk was purchased directly from the farm at a buck a gallon.

Today's corporations will not be happy till we all are reduced to peasant status with some already there.  Some corporation the other day actually said "We Americans have to share the pain of everybody else's suffering"  While their pocketbooks overflow with cash.  It will end some day soon and it will not be pretty.

When the farmers growing our food cannot meet the cost of production down she'll come.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


One thing the forum run by Rachel Maddow demonstrated that a forum is a much better way to learn about the candidates.  Instead of the 3 ring circus the republicans call debates which in fact are nothing more than gotcha sessions where we learn next to nothing of what the contestants have to offer us.

As  with all things political winners and losers must be chosen and I have come to the conclusion you just can't leave that up to the  political talking heads as they can't seem to get past choosing the one they have predetermined the winner.

Such is the case weighing this forum.  I was surprised how few folks commented on the event.  Those that did say Hillary was the clear winner with O'Malley second and Bernie last .  I can only think they watched a different event than I.   Sanders was the clear winner (wait dammit , sure Bernie is my man) but I tried hard to not let that influence my pick.

O'Malley did well and does have a decent track record as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. He showed he knows we are heading down the wrong track but didn't present a full package of how to fix it.

Hillary, I thought , didn't do a good job in outlining her programs and didn't come across as strong.  She did little to dispel the doubts of her honesty or trustworthiness.  In an answer to her Wall Street ties all she could offer was she went down to Wall Street and told them to square away, well we know how much good that did.  With all the big money flowing her way  from the street folk one can easily guess who she will take care of.

Sanders on the other hand answered question after question with a well though out solution to the problems presented to him.  In depth programs that have left most  talking heads simply ignoring his offerings.  Overall at the end of the day only Sanders laid out his plans to right America.  To a man the talking heads have come to the conclusion that Bernie cannot be elected.  Perhaps they should look at and listen to the crowds the man is drawing at every event.

To justify my pick of Sanders as the winner I simply ask you to listen to the forum and listen to the response from the audience.  Hillary and O'Malley got applause some luke warm others somewhat better.  Sanders on the other hand turned the crowd on and they responded enthusiastically to the programs he outlined.  If audience reaction is any indicator of who was the winner , clearly it was Bernie.  He has a long hard pull to win the South and he knows that and will work hard to win them over.  The early primaries in the South will probably end up telling the tale on his candidacy .  The problem with that is the South and the middle of the country have shown many times in recent elections they will vote against their own self interests.  Perhaps this time will be different.


Friday, November 6, 2015


Let me get this straight unemployment rate is 5% indicating full employment.   In the same news cycle labor force participation rate is at an all time high.  Now I admit to being pretty dumb , but I will not claim to be stupid.

Here is one story they sing the praises of full employment when a quick look at Shadow Stats  shows you the real unemployment rate is 22.5% so obviously the number you should believe is the  Labor Participation Rate.

The MSM just isn't doing the public justice they blatantly publish this shit that is obviously false.  They even have the balls to publish the two links above on the same news cycle.  I have to assume that they believe we can't even add two + two.

Of course there  are many stories that are patently false and yet the masses gobble it down like bacon and cheese hamburgers.  One can only assume that the public is just buying into the propaganda when they should know in their hearts the news is just untrue.

Meantime we are fed the fight with Ben Carson over his padding of his resume and flat out lying about parts of his life.  Once you get caught in a lie the public should run you off the stage.