Friday, November 6, 2015


Let me get this straight unemployment rate is 5% indicating full employment.   In the same news cycle labor force participation rate is at an all time high.  Now I admit to being pretty dumb , but I will not claim to be stupid.

Here is one story they sing the praises of full employment when a quick look at Shadow Stats  shows you the real unemployment rate is 22.5% so obviously the number you should believe is the  Labor Participation Rate.

The MSM just isn't doing the public justice they blatantly publish this shit that is obviously false.  They even have the balls to publish the two links above on the same news cycle.  I have to assume that they believe we can't even add two + two.

Of course there  are many stories that are patently false and yet the masses gobble it down like bacon and cheese hamburgers.  One can only assume that the public is just buying into the propaganda when they should know in their hearts the news is just untrue.

Meantime we are fed the fight with Ben Carson over his padding of his resume and flat out lying about parts of his life.  Once you get caught in a lie the public should run you off the stage.


  1. I get the sense that the masses know they are being lied to. When they hear the lies and measure it against what they see around them, it does not match. At work, for example. I asked a local lube shop if people are waiting longer between oil changes. He told me absolutely. Ever since the crash five years ago? The people can see people hurting all around them. The beltway ( Wash8ing D.C.) is still comfy and oblivious to the brewing political revolution. Ben Carson...forgetta 'bout it.
    Join the political revolution... BERNIE SANDERS 2016!

  2. I worked 20 hours this week on a first-class piece of political satire that will be on next week. I got $75 for the effort. That's considered fan-fucking-tastic these days.