Monday, November 23, 2015


Our government flat ass lies to us and our beloved MSM blindly repeats the lies over and over for weeks at a time. Leaving us poor ole citizens out here scrambling to find the truth.

Actually this is getting easier all the time,if the government is telling the story you can bet it is not the truth.  Here is a story that's a perfect example of what I am talking about.. Days ago Russia bombers blew up 500 oil tankers (film provided)  belonging to ISIS and a few days later PBS our great public broadcaster showing Russia planes doing the bombing and giving the credit to the US.

To cover up their lack of truthfulness they point the finger at any news source telling a different than the company line.  They site RT and Russian Insider as propaganda platforms when the pointer should be at  themselves .

What started out as 24 hour news channel with the launch of CNN and did actual news.  Along comes MSNBC and Fox and eventually they were forced to become propaganda unit a mere extension of government spin.  Is it no wonder so many people have turned  away from news and politics , when all you are fed by both is propaganda.  

There is a ray of hope out there and Bernie Sanders is that hope.  He tells it like it is and has fixes for most of what is wrong.  If he can wake up enough of you he can win but only if you wake up.

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  1. Any statistics on how many are turning away from the main stream propaganda? I didn't hear anything about 500 oil tankers being blown up. What an environmental NIGHTMARE. I just finished watching a live broadcast of Bernie Sanders in Atlanta, Georgia. They had to move it to a larger venue at the last minute. Still not big enough! The audience was on fire. Bernie Sanders campaign continues to grow. Anyone who hasn't heard him, you are in for a treat. He speaks the truth. He has been fighting for the people for over 40 years. The real deal. ~ Heidi