Friday, December 4, 2015


Irvine of the tv show Restaurant Impossible a show that goes to failing eatery's and coaches them back to profit needs to take on the school lunch  program and square the program away.

TAKE A LOOK AT THESE 10 MEALS   tell me if you would have your kid eat them.  They show the horrors served by people who obviously don't give a shit what they are turning out.

This link is just one of thousands showing a lack  of supervision in these programs and a definite lackluster performance of many cafeteria workers.

I'm sure Michele Obama had something else in mind with her healthy lunch program that has turned into a daily horror show in lots of school lunch rooms.

Gone are the days of my school years where actual cooks tuned out decent chow that lots of kids took part of ..I'll bet that 90 percentage  of stuff shown in the link goes into the garbage cans.

Some one in every school needs to take charge and get the program back to serving decent chow.. Lots of food ends up on the bad guy list but even those items would better serve the kids than the garbage shown.

All in an attempt to get slimmer kids.  When what they need to do is serve decent food along with a physical fitness program and school activities that burn calories.  You can't learn well when you are served stuff that would not qualify as pig slop.  We can do better than this we just need a few adults to give a shit and square away these flunkies.

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  1. EWE. That is not food. Kids are supposed to learn about nutrition and respect at school. This teaches neither. Somewhere down the line someone is stealing the food money and this is what you end up with.