Monday, December 14, 2015


Now you all know that we are in the election cycle and you certainly have heard of Donald Trump, but you have heard damn little about anybody else.  Even Hillary has not been seen all that much.  Comes as no surprise the three networks together decided not to cover Sanders because he might hurt their business profits.  You can also add the three cable news networks who have also presented a very unbalanced showing of candidates other than Trump.

I've harped on how bad news coverage has become but I have never in all my years seen censorship at such blatant levels.  Years ago this was illegal but now it is open warfare against us.  They control what we see and unfortunately it ends up as a belief.

It's no secret that I am supporting  Bernie Sanders who is getting next to no air time but even Hillary isn't getting the playtime Trump gets and Malloy gets nothing.  The rest of the republican field gets very little attention it Trump twenty four seven.

So I leave you with this thought  , if your going to be and informed voter your going to have to do the work on your own, your tv is not your friend.

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  1. Here is a letter I just wrote hoping to reach the democratic party:

    Dear Grass Roots Democratic party leaders,

    You've seen the historic and enthusiastic crowds, even in “red” states to hear Bernie Sanders. At one of the early events, Bernie himself asked “who's in town?” when seeing the line going around the building. Millennials, Independent voters, Democrats, even Republicans are energized by Bernie's New Deal. A deal reminiscent of Roosevelt's New Deal that rescued the suffering middle class during the Great Depression.

    If Bernie is not nominated, millions of people will not vote in the general election. I am hearing it locally and nationally that people believe the billionaire class pays for and selects both party's candidates. The billionaires win either way. The people get that Bernie Sanders is different and this gives them hope for the Democratic Party and the country.

    Does the party want to chance a weak “win” where Hillary is elected because of extremely low voter turn out? Where Republicans, with their illogical, almost fanatical hate of Hillary, re-elect Republicans and gridlock Congress. Block democratic nominees to the Supreme Court. Kill the dream of millions of Americans who dared to believe in Bernie's New Deal and believe things would get better for them.

    Bernie Sanders' time is here and now. Just as the country was destroyed by the corruption in the 1920's, it is happening again. Any candidate, Republican or Democrat, who takes millions of dollars from the billionaire class is not trusted by the people. 41% of eligible voters don't vote in presidential elections. “The proof is in the pudding” as the saying goes.

    Understandably, the people want someone with a proven record of standing up for the little guy. The people want someone with the right experience. In this skeptical age, they want someone who talks straight to them, a “fireside chat,” if you will. Bernie Sanders offers all of this.

    Please do not believe Bernie Sanders voters will vote for Hillary if he is not nominated. I am one of many who re-registered as a democrat, just so I can vote for Bernie Sanders. Millions of voters believe Bernie Sanders is the only candidate not owned by the billionaire class. A vote for anyone else is a vote for continued corruption that is devastating the middle class. I am guessing you have seen this in your own life.

    You, as grassroots Democratic Party leaders, must consider the welfare of our party. If what I say is not true, why are more voters registered as Independents than democrats or republicans and growing? What does this mean for the future of the party?

    Bernie Sanders offers hope and unity for the future of the Democratic party. We, the party for the working people, for unions, for minorities, for justice, must control The White House, Congress and future Supreme Court nominees.

    your support of Bernie Sanders is critical for the party. Critical for the nation.

    In solidarity,

    ~ Heidi Strand,
    Democratic Voter