Monday, December 14, 2015


The Federal Reserve Bank cannot figure out why inflation isn't rising, after all we are almost at full employment, Problem is we are not anywhere near full employment.  They claim an unemployment rate is at 5% when actually it is at 22% as counted by Shadow Stats and has been in that range for a very long time.  The Fed is targeting a 2% inflation rate but claims it is about 1%, once again siting number they have massaged to give them the answer the were looking for.

When you have been massaging the numbers for so long you can't expect to know where you are.  If you use Shadow Stats numbers it all starts to make sense to you , probably not them they are caught in the web of lies they have been buggering them for a very long time.

Unemployment is really 22% and has been there or above since 08, and GDP  is actually in the minus

My summary of the above is pretty simply.   You have  a nation where large numbers of people are out of work or working for low wages, GDP is down because people can't buy whey they don't have any extra to spend.  Things they have to have have risen at high rates led by food being the leading example. The only break we are getting is lower gasoline prices for now.
So we have large numbers of unemployed, large number of underpaid, loads of student debt eating up what spare money they have.  Housing in our major cities rents and sale price have placed large numbers out of the housing market and back to living with there parents.

A quick look around the world will tell you most of the rest of the world is even in worse shape than us with the EU is falling apart , China and Russia are rising as world powers while we bang around the world blowing shit up.

It time to refocus on our priorities on rebuilding our crumbling nation , pull back the troops from the stupid wars we have started , change our stance is relationships with  the other nations of the world .

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