Saturday, December 12, 2015


Maryland high school removes Huckleberry Finn from 11th grade reading list .  The reason for removal was  because parts of the novel made some uncomfortable.  That's the N word of course and how blacks were portrayed in the novel.  Never mind they depict the way things were at the time the book was written.

This is just another part of the current PC trend hitting the country.  To remove an iconic book like Huck Finn because it made some uncomfortable perhaps it's time for them to grow a thicker skin. If every little group of objectors what will be left to talk about.

Renaming sports teams like the Washington Redskins seems to me like not much of change in anybodies life.  It goes much , much deeper than the above mentioned , it is really becoming a problem in higher education and it is being used to destroy careers of those who think differently than the little groups.

Rather than concentrate on one word or the next wouldn't it make more sense to address the economic factors affecting the minority class.

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