Thursday, October 29, 2015


President Obama and his Sec. of Education Arnie Duncan have decided that the testing  programs they foisted on our kids as been a total failure.. Gee and it only took them 8 years to figure this out.  Their answer might surprise you  They now want to limit testing taking to 2% of school time.

Couple that with their Common Core nationwide program has shown to be a hindrance to education.  Not only have test scores fallen in recent years they thoroughly complicate a teachers job.

The truth of the matter is that their programs have nothing to do with the knowledge departed to our kids but to the destruction of the public school system.  Replacing public schools with Charter that was supposed to solve all our school problems.  It was evident from the inception of this program during Duncan's reign of the Chicago school system..I clearly remember the first act in Chicago was the firing of the entire staff at an under performing school .  They rehired a few of the old teachers and lots of the labor crew  cooks , janitors and other blue collar workers as they could find no one to do the job with the wages they were offering.

The proof is in the pudding , Charter schools didn't solve a thing except to aid in the destruction of teacher unions.  Testing has proven to be ineffective in raising scores (no surprise to me) so their answer is to limit the time spent on testing. Why can't these folks admit they don't have a clue as to what they are doing.  Their stand on education hasn't worked why not just give it up and put control back to the teacher in the classroom.  They know how to do their jobs and they have enough to contend with classroom of kids many of whom don't give a ship about learning.

The many changes in education over the years has turned out a generation of kids who are not well trained. The basic skills of reading and math have seemed to disappear from their abilities .  That generation is now a lost cause but we can sure bring the system back to usefulness with a few simple changes. Ask any teacher and they will tell you what has to be done..

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  1. In his last year as president, 8 years mind you, NOW he thinks all the testing is harmful?! Geesh.