Sunday, October 25, 2015


To hear the republicans scream about his plan bankrupting America anybody who can do simple math should look at the numbers laid out in this piece.  THE HEALTH CARE MATH THAT NO BODY CAN SEEM TO DO. 

The republicans seem unable to do even simple math but the article linked above is pretty straight forward and lays out exactly how it will be paid for.  If you have had any major surgery lately you know how much it costs and you also know if you are on Medicare that they pay about 80% or most bills and the providers almost all except the Medicare payment as full payment .  Which of course means that private insurance pays the full boat.  Although that isn't true is some cases.

To honestly evaluate this program you have to isolate it by itself not throw in other costs from Bernie's other plans.  Most critics simply add on these non medical costs to confuse you and cause you to believe it won't work.

Never mentioned till now a major part of paying for this scheme is the money your employers pays toward your health care (which is really part of your total compensation package) added to the savings his plan contains every red cent of cost is covered with some left over to boot.

So to simply say that his plan would give everybody full coverage for life takes one big burden  off an individual as he knows he is covered for life.

The economic burden taken off the back of the average citizen is so huge (stolen from Mr. Trump)
it would cause a giant stimuli to our economy exactly what we need .

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  1. the more people who vote, the better chance Bernie wins!